Friday, December 20, 2013

Staying in.

If you know me well you know I hate staying home. Maybe even those that don't know me all that well know that by now. Lets just say I have posted it about it a time or two. Well Aubrey requested Wednesday night that we "stay home and play the whoooolllle next day". So who am I to say no? We have been SO busy lately. We have had an appointment almost every single day since returning from Maryland, and had one every single day the week before leaving for Maryland. Yep we had about 10-15 appointments over the last few weeks. Talk about CRAZINESS! So her request made perfect sense. Plus I had already been thinking about how life is going by so fast and I really just want to have a few slow days to enjoy my kiddos. We haven't just stopped and relaxed in so long. So Thursday we did nothing but play, watch a Christmas movie, snack, and play some more. It was so much fun (can't believe I just said staying home was fun LOL) that we decided to do it again today.

Today has been a little more exciting. Addi, Aubrey and I were playing in the backyard while Greyson slept. Addi ran in and shut the door. Aubrey went to follow and found out that Addi had locked us out. Aubrey and I spent the next 45 minutes trying to to tell Addi how to unlock it. Addi would try and then get super sad because she couldn't figure it out (she kept locking the night time lock and then trying to unlock the top lock). It looked hopeless and Greyson was due to wake up any moment. So I ran and opened the garage and Aubrey and I looked for a way to break in (of course the door from the garage into the house was also locked). I used a DVD and wedged the lock inwards and it opened. I think we will be getting dead bolt for that door. It was way too easy to get in. At least the garage door itself would be hard to get into without the code.

So all in all I guess staying home every once in while is actually nice. Just as long as we don't make a habit of it. ;)

So since I have been home for TWO days straight, I have taken so many videos and pictures. They just do the cutest things EVER and I feel so compelled to capture everything. So here are some video's for you all. Enjoy!