Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What have we been up to lately?? (Videos)

Here are some video's of what we have been up to, if you are only going to watch one or two I reccommend the first and third, Aubrey's dance moves crack me up! 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pregnancy Update!

I have been awful at updating with belly pics lately, or really about anything pregnancy related. Things have been going really well, haven't gained much weight yet and Greyson is kicking away like crazy. Last night he woke me up from a dead sleep, it felt like he was doing cartwheels in there, instead of being mad (I hate being woken up) I just laid there thinking about how this was my last pregnancy so after Greyson arrives I will never yet again feel the craziness and amazingness of having a baby flipping around in my belly! I swear it is the coolest thing about being pregnant. I just love it! Anyways I am sure you are over hearing about all that jazz so on to the pics!!

Gosh looking at these pics, makes me realize how much more I like my hair when it is straight haha! Anyways I think I was smallest with Addi, must be because she is/was so tiny?! Praying I don't end up with a 9 pounder this time. YIKES!

My Everything!!

When Greg and I were looking for our wedding song, we stumbled across this song and Greg said it was perfect and that made me feel so incredibly lucky! He truly is my everything.

I have always wanted to marry my best friend, and when I met Greg almost 10 years ago we became friends first. I really didn't see "us" coming! He just got me, he made me laugh constantly and I could just be my crazy silly self with him. We always have so much fun together no matter what we are doing. I made the best decision of my life 5 years ago when I said "I do", and am so lucky to have him all to myself!!

Project update!! Im in LOVE!!

 So this was the color...
AND this is the color now...

Just to get an idea of the difference...
 I LOVE IT!!! I am beyond excited about it. Now I just have to get on antiquing it! SO EXCITED!! I have antiquing stain that goes over it, so it won't be quite as bright as you see it here, but I think it will make it look awesome! So happy I just bit the bullet and bought a new color. Makes me nervous about picking out colors for our walls, I feel like its so hard to tell what color you are going to get from a small square piece of paper.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Color: So it is coming out more grayish than anything. The pillow behind my finger is what I based the color off of. Not sure about it. Debating on going and getting a different color, I just don't want it to be overwhelmingly teal/aqua. 

What do you think of the color??

Go with a more of teal color??? I have another coat to go, so maybe it will become more teal??  Ahhh I am horrible with decisions. 


So for all of you that follow me on Pinterest, you know I have started pinning again like crazy after a long break from Pinterest. I didn't purposely take a break, it just happened. I was so busy with everything I didn't really have time to do much. Well I have been back with a vengeance! I have mostly been pinning house stuff, to try to keep my mind of the stressful part of buying a house, I am trying to focus on the fun parts! So today I went to Lowes and bought some stuff and purchased some fabric online. What am I up to you ask? Two projects actually...

Project number one:

I am painting a credenza that we have been keeping in the garage for forever because it is an ugly stain.  I am going to use it as an entry way table, the color I chose is maybe a little more green than these. I actually took a slip cover in from my teal pillows and tried to match the color to it (since it is the color of my curtains also), the table won't be near the curtains at all but it will pull the color across the room and tie things in nicely. I have been DYING for a teal piece of furniture. I am sure most of you think that is pretty darn strange, but I am a teal/aqua addict! LOVE IT! I am so excited to get started, hopefully I can do a good bit of it today and update you guys with some pics!

Project number 2:

Wall panels! I actually ordered the same fabric shown on the left and right, and then a few more for more options! I was going to buy the insulation board today but it was so big and I had both girls with me and wasn't about to lug it out with me on my own. I'll just wait until the fabric comes and make Greg go with me and get it, since I can't really do much with it yet anyways. I plan on getting two candle sconces for the sides of them to make them a little more of an art piece, or just get the ones I already have back from my brother. I am sure he could care less if he has sconces or not! :)

So yep, I am pretty excited to do something productive. I'll update soon! 

To check these projects out for yourself, click away... :D

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Addi turned ONE!

I can't believe a year has gone by, and now I have a ONE and a TWO year old.

Yep, Addi is ONE! AHHHHH!!! She is such an amazing little girl. She loves to dance, laugh, kiss, and be coy! She is truly the happiest smiliest little girl ever. I just look at her and think of how far she has come from her first week of life. She was so frail, small, and lethargic. Now she is a vibrant hilarious almost toddler!!

Addi has had a rough year, but she is doing so wonderfully now and hopefully will do even better once she has her next surgery. She has finally started to make more sounds, which is huge since her ears are filled with fluid and her eardrums are barley moving. Her pediatrician thinks it may also be throwing off her balance. She has times where she is so steady when she is walking and then times where she is all over the place and has a tough time regaining her balance enough to even pull up. She has been standing up from sitting for months now, so to have trouble pulling up sometimes definitely makes sense with what the doctor suspects. So once she gets the tubes put in and they can get the fluid out and get her cleft fixed it will make things much easier on her!

She is now 16 lbs! Which doesn't sound like much, but that is 2 lbs since her 9 month appointment! Her doctor was over the moon with her gain and gave us the go ahead to try Milk. We had thought we were going to have to put it off because she is so tiny and we didn't want to mess with her eating at all. So that was great news!

The next few months are going to be full of changes for Miss Addi. Walking better, talking more, and getting a new baby brother! IT'S GOING TO BE NUTS!! :D

My ONE year old!!

What have we been up to?? Video's and Pic!

Since moving in with Grandma and Papa the girls have been changing like crazy. Aubrey is now reading Grandma's novels (see above)
Addi has started to get better at walking...
 and talking!!

Aubrey has been loving staying at Grandma's and Papa's and the mosquito's have loved having her...

Look at her poor shoulder, and Dada put a band-aid over one because she keeps scratching until they bleed and she then had a reaction to the band-aid.
She has 7 bites just on her back alone.
3 on her face. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"I should be sleeping instead of keeping these late hours I've been keeping..."

"I've been pacing and retracing every step of every move."

This is the song that comes into my head every night and NO I am not thinking about someone, more of a something. I toss and turn trying to sleep, but all I can focus on is how stressed I am about finding a house to build and getting it started so we aren't taking over my parents house for too long. I am not sure I have ever felt this stressed, it's to the point where my stomach has been so upset endlessly. I know I am normally a stresser, but this has taken it to a whole new level. I feel like I can't focus on anything else, I am constantly emailing, searching, talking about, and dreaming about houses. I just want it to be set so I can rest and know that our house is being built and there is an end date in sight. I think being pregnant has intensified my anxiety. I want things to be set and I want to be settled.

So if you hadn't noticed I haven't blogged in quite a bit. Some of my loyal readers, might be my only readers (LOL), have commented how they miss my blog posts. I am usually so on top of it, but the stress and the moving have really kept me from having time. I am usually also on top of keeping up with others blogs but haven't had the time, and haven't even really had much time for Facebook either. GASP! Yes that statement is VERY shocking I know. Usually I am posting pictures of my adorable babies constantly, but haven't even taken pictures much lately due to moving and not really knowing where my camera was.

Oh goodness.. the move... that was a mess. We couldn't fit all of our stuff in the BIGGEST Pod they had. We have way too much stuff, and that was after selling and throwing out a good bit of stuff. We had to take stuff with us, so the room we are in is full of stuff, and half of my parents garage is full. That aside, I am so glad to be done and be out.

Hopefully we are a little closer to figuring out the new house stuff, so once we do I will update with info and hopefully be able to go about my normal blogging activities (pictures, videos, motherhood craziness, etc.)!

Hope someone is still reading this even though I took quite a while between posts! :)

Oh and here is a picture for you all, since I finally found my camera. I had no choice but to find it since it is Addi's 1st Birthday and I couldn't not miss getting a picture of the Birthday girl...