Friday, March 30, 2012

Getting nervous.

Sunday is just around the corner and now I am getting so overly nervous about finding out the gender. I have been having crazy dreams about it and not sleeping well. Most dreams have been about finding out it's not a boy. I think I have such great anxiety over it because Greg is so sure it's a boy and I really don't want him to be disappointed.

I am trying to keep my mind off of it. Tomorrow we decided to go to SeaWorld! I am so excited, and I know I will definitely be too busy having fun to think about finding out the gender. I hope it is pretty tomorrow, last time we went it rained both days. We still had a blast, but I would l ove to be dry and warm and experience the park! I can't wait to see how much more Aubrey notices this time around! She is going to love it!

Quick pregnancy update! I have started to feel little movements, but it's not definite enough to call it, but I swear I see my belly moving sometimes. Aubrey has been obsessed with my belly lately. She lays on it and puts cream on it. I told her the other day that there was a baby in there and she pointed at my belly and said "Mama's belly baby!", pretty sure she didn't grasp it. I do think she notices it's getting bigger though, since she is giving it so much attention. So a craving I haven't mentioned (at least I think I haven't) is my obsession with Caesar salads, I guess I didn't realize it was a craving until I noticed I was eating it for EVERY meal (sometimes even breakfast). So far my cravings have been so much healthier this go around. With the girls I ate ice cream for every single meal (again even for breakfast), so I will happily take salad over that! Also, I am carrying much higher this time all my jeans still fit and are even loose, usually by now I am using a hair thing to keep my pants up and debating on whether I should switch to maternity pants. I am loving still being able to wear my regular clothes!

So I think that's about all for now! I realize my posts have become less focused lately. I am kind of jamming lots of different stuff into one. Maybe its from exhaustion, but I promise I will become more focused again (and do separate posts for separate topics), hopefully!

Monday, March 26, 2012


This is probably going to be the most random post. I really should be getting Aubrey dressed for the day but I don't feel like doing it yet, and she is happily playing so I am sneaking in a post.

I am so tired from this weekends festivities. My butt is usually in bed by 8 these days, and this weekend I was up way past 8. On top of that we had Aubrey in the hotel room with us. We brought the pack and play but the room set up was not very conducive for having it set up. We basically had to put her in the bathroom area, and we were sharing a room with Ryan and Ashley so whenever they came up to go to bed they would not be able to use the bathroom area to get ready for bed. Greg thought I should try to keep Aubrey in bed with me until they all came up to get ready for bed. Aubrey has not slept in our bed with us since she was a newborn, and even then it was a very rare occasion. She is not used to it at all. She is such a chatter box at night. She kept talking to me, telling me everything she heard, saw, and anything that randomly popped into her mind. I was exhausted, and my response to everything was "night-night". Finally about and hour or more into trying to sleep we both passed out. I was so tensely sleeping and trying not to move a muscle, there is no way I could go through all the effort of trying to get her to go to sleep again, so I was not risking moving. Needless to say it was PAINFUL.

Greg finally came to bed and Aubrey of course was taking up the whole bed, he tried to squeeze in but it didn't go well. Finally Ryan and Ashley came to bed too, so Greg took that as his chance to move Aubrey to her pack and play. I thought we were finally going to get some sleep. NOPE. The rest of the night we got to listen to sirens, loud trucks, loud talking, and loud music. The walls were paper thin. It was awful. The second night was just as bad, Aubrey woke up with every loud noise asking what it was, or talking about random things (I think she might of been talking in her sleep, she was apologizing repeatedly to a turtle, and asking it if it was okay), or waking up saying "NO NO NO NO....". So yeah... I did not get much sleep.

So a few weeks ago Greg found out he is going to New York for two weeks for work. I am not really all that happy about it. His work set it up to be during Easter weekend, so Greg will be gone and not be here to celebrate with the girls. Which really upsets me.

I really don't know how I am going to function, I still am not over the morning sickness phase even though I am 14 weeks, I am still always exhausted. I count down the seconds each day until Greg will arrive home and I can take a break. I really don't know how others do it with their husbands out of town. He is leaving this Sunday right after our ultrasound, so I am so excited about Sunday coming, but at the same time dreading it.

I was going to write about more but I just don't have the energy, and I really do need to get Aubrey dressed before Addi is up from her nap. We have so many errands to run since we were gone all weekend. Wish me luck (errands haven't been going so well lately)!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


So I am a day later than I planned but here it is...

13 Weeks 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby Names...

So I was looking up baby names today, and I of course keep picking out boys names. It is driving me crazy not knowing for sure if it's a boy. So I called Greg and convinced him that we should go to A Stork's View for an early gender determination. They do it as early as 15 weeks! The other place we went while pregnant with Addi is a no go, we went when I was 16 weeks and she couldn't tell us for sure it was a girl. She said I wouldn't buy pink yet. I was really upset because we paid $75 dollars for them to give us a maybe, and she didn't even offer for us to come back to get a better look.

So anyways, I can get an ultrasound to find out the sex in just TWO weeks! Then I can get back to looking at baby names! YAY!!!

For those who are interested here's what we have so far (well I should say what "I" have right now lol)...

If you have any suggestions we would love to hear them! :D

13 Weeks Today!

I have entered the second trimester today! I haven't been very good at giving updates weekly, but really not much has changed from week to week. I am still feeling sick constantly. I wake up in the middle of the night gagging and running to the bathroom. Hopefully only a couple more weeks of that!

The migraines this time are intense. I get them pretty often, have one today. It makes daily activities pretty hard to manage. I hope this eases up soon.

I've added a few more cravings to the list. Collard greens with vinegar, Cucumbers soaked in vinegar, pretty much anything in vinegar, which in turn makes my stomach hurt more, but oh my does it taste good going down!

So one thing that is different from my other pregnancies is how early I am showing. With the girls I was 20 weeks before I really showed, the doctors always told me it was because I have a tilted uterus so it takes a little longer for me to show. With this one I am only 13 weeks and I look like I am 22. I have lost 3 lbs, but look like I have gained 10! It's just craziness. I am guessing that this little one is just positioned differently in my uterus to be showing so soon? I guess I need to get to taking belly pictures soon, although I have no desire to do it this go around. I guess I kind of have to though since I did it for my others. Maybe I'll get around to doing one today and update this post with a pic (if my migraine gets better)!

I just got a call about my first screen. They said everything came back perfect, perfect, perfect! I am so relieved! Now I just wait impatiently for the 22 week scan where they will check the heart just to make sure everything looks good!

Friday, March 16, 2012


We went for our first screen ultrasound. It was seriously the best ultrasound I have ever gotten, even better than the 3D. The tech took her time and showed us everything and we could actually see what she was talking about, which has never really happened for us in a regular ultrasound before. I guess the machines at the office I go to aren't very nice, we could never make out what the tech would be showing us. We were always so lost, but just said "oh yeah, how neat.". Everything looked great, they were very happy with our little one, who by the way she said was so cooperative!

We set up to have our anatomy scan there on April 19th, so I am hoping she takes just as much time measuring and showing us everything. Then we will have another at 22 weeks to check the heart, just to be sure. I guess that is the soonest they can get really clear pictures of it. This little baby is going to have a heck of a lot of pictures before he/she is even born!

Speaking of "he/she", the tech and doctor also told us they though we were having a BOY. They actually didn't even confer about it, they both just separately told us that. The doctor just walked in the room after we finished up, and started looking at the ultrasound before the tech even said a word and she was like "Wow looks like we have a boy on our hands!". So fingers crossed they both are right! Greg is so positive it is a boy that he won't even consider the possibility of a girl. I so hope it is a boy, I know it would make him SO happy and every Dad deserves a little boy, if you ask me! So here is a few ultrasound pics for you all to check out!!

The nub shot! Really she was taking a picture of the back bone, but she got a little nub in there. I wish I had asked her to take a picture of it when she zoomed in. 
This one creeps me out a little, very alien like. 

Rubbing his/her face! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Today started off so well...

and ended so poorly. I got a lovely migraine this afternoon, and my nausea came on full force. Then Addi was a fuss bucket when she woke up from her nap, it seriously felt like she was crying for hours on end, but I think it was only about an hour. I finally got her to calm down and then Aubrey decided she was going to hit Addi and refuse to apologize so we had a nice little stand off, she finally gave Addi a hug and kiss and said sorry (needless to say, I WON the stand off!). Greg had a work event that he couldn't miss, so he got home late so I got to deal with it all on my own, YAY!

So... yeah... I am EXHAUSTED! It's days like this that make me feel like a crazy person for having a third! I guess it's a good thing I love the crap out of my adorable little terrors!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

12 week appointment!

So today I got to hear the heartbeat for the first time! The nurse told me the exact same thing they have told me with each baby, almost verbatium. "What a nice strong heartbeat, yep it's in the 160's". I just laughed and said "Uh-oh hope that doesn't mean it's another girl". She told me not to worry they have proved that theory wrong millions of times.

I am so torn on what the sex of this little one is. Somedays I am sure it is a boy, and then the very next I am convinced it's a girl.

So hopefully in 4 short weeks we will know for sure! :)

How I feel, is how I feel.

I know that I am pregnant and things can get to me even more than usual or that I am a little more sensitive to things but I can't help how I feel. I wish Greg would get that, and not attack me for taking things more personally than I maybe should. I know that I tend to over analyze things, but he knew that from the get go. I am an overthinker, so sue me!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have just been so darn tired. Let me catch you all up...

I went back to work last Thursday, and have worked four days so far. It seems to be going well when Addi is sleeping, which luckily is most of the day. It is really nice to be working a little again. Aubrey has been all about Grandma so I worry that it might be making work more difficult for my Mom, since she can't say no to Aubrey (believe me even I have a hard time saying no, she is just so freakin' cute!). Aubrey has been pretty good about playing on her own some too, she is such a great little girl. When Addi is awake she is into EVERYTHING. She pulled a briefcase on top of herself, she actually fit inside of it. She has hit her head on the filing cabinets numerous times, dumped out and started to eat crayons, and pulls up on anything she can get her hands on (files, paper boxes, desks, filing cabinets, legs, etc...). So it's pretty exhausting when she is up.

This weekend Greg's Dad is coming into town, I am so excited! We always have so much fun with him and Mary. Greg is really close with his Dad, they talk what seems like almost daily and are a lot alike, so I know he is really excited! It feels like it has been forever since we have seen him. I wish Mary was coming too, but hopefully we get to see her soon! Greg and his Dad are running the Gate River Run together. Greg has been running like a mad man lately, so I know he is really anxious to see how he does! Hopefully then both do well!

Next week I have two O.B. appointments, one with my regular and one with the high risk. At the high risk appointment we are getting the first screen ultrasound, I am excited but nervous. I will be 12 weeks 4 days when I get it done, so I don't know if they will be able to maybe guess the sex?!? I am anxious to know the sex but more anxious to know that everything is okay! Greg and I haven't even talked about names or anything, usually we already have some in mind by now, but this time we are just waiting until we find out the sex to figure it out. I think that is mostly because Greg doesn't want to discuss girls names, and we have yet to ever agree on a boys name (well other than Carson, but we aren't sure we can use that name).

So yep I think that's about it, still sick, still tired. Hoping that this part ends soon (usually ends for me around 13 weeks, so not too much longer)!!

Oh and we finally announced on FB...

Isn't she just so precious? I can't believe she is already going to be a big sister!