Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Picture Updates!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reading makes me angry.

For as long as I can remember reading has always made me very angry. I know that sounds nuts but it does. Since having Aubrey three and a half years ago I gave it up completely. Before that I was reading every chance I got. I'm the type that the more I read, the more and more I want to read. I CAN NOT be interrupted while reading or I am a pissy mess. That's where the anger comes in. When I start a book, I never want to put it down not even for a second, with the exception of the second Twilight book. I read that while on bedrest after IVF and I threw it on the ground over and over again each time Id decide to give it another try and ask Greg to retrieve it off the floor, just to throw it right back down there. It was such an annoyingly predictable book, I just couldn't take it. All other books though I want to just lay around and read every last word, and when that's not possible I become really angry and irratible. So I had made a decision that I would stop reading once Aubrey was born because I never wanted to become angry at her for cutting my reading short. It sounds awful but I know myself, and I'm not an angry person by nature (at least I don't think I am), but mess with my reading time and I'm pissed. So that brings us to last week. I was watching a movie that is also a book and I was thinking about how much better books are than movies (don't tell Greg I said that, he loooooves movies). It made me really miss reading. I decided it was time to allow myself some limited reading time. An hour a day. So I'm back to reading and I'm cutting myself off before anyone else can, so far it's working (although yesterday I snuck in an extra hour before bedtime). I am loving reading again and am hoping to keep it under control. Goodness, it sounds awful when I put it that way. Oh well, it is what it is. :)

If anyone has any reading recommendations I'd be more than happy to hear them (I'm just not one for books with a lot of killing).

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Chunky Monkey.

Aubrey used to be the chunky monkey around these parts, but there is a new sheriff in town. Our little G-man has been packing on the lbs. He now weighs just as much (if not more) than Addi. He so far has really been following in his big sisters foot steps. He is a talker. He is already repeating like crazy. He can say, hi (with a southern accent, I for some odd reason say it like that to him when I am trying to pronunciate it clearly to him hahaha), Mama, Dada, hey, yeah, yay, yes, baba (bottle), Addi (I somehow knew this would be one of his first words hahaha), up, please (he's only said this once so it could be a fluke), and is currently working on uh-oh. He says the "uh" part then laughs hysterically, not really sure why uh-oh is so funny but to him it is hilarious. I am not really sure he knows what any of it means, but he says them.

Greyson is still NOT pulling up to standing. He pulls up to his knees, but that is it. He doesn't seem to care either about even attempting to walk. I hold his hands and he will take steps but he is over it after 5 steps and then just goes limp. He is just content doing things his ways, and I am really not going to rush him. I am actually not looking forward to him walking, I want him to stay my cuddly chunky baby and as soon as he is walking that will all be over. Goodness I don't even know how life will be without having at least one itty bitty baby. I am not sure I want to know either. I really should of spread my kids out more. I am going to miss having babies. I am just hoping one of my sister in laws gets pregnant soon and then I can just steal their babies for a bit, all the fun none of the sleepless nights! Sounds AH-mazing! Wow, way to get WAY off subject Mel.

Sorry for the rambling.

Back to my little G-man. I have officially started planning his FIRST birthday party and I can't even believe a year has gone by. It feels like yesterday I was heading home from the hospital with him in tow, and now he is turning one. I know every Mom begs for time to slow down and I for one have done it more times than I can count, but goodness I don't know how else to explain how it feels. Once kids come, time just speeds up like you wouldn't believe. Time just HAS to slow down.


I have been very hesitant to write this post, as not to jinx things. These past few days have been considerably better with Addi. She's been having less outburst and has really taken off in the word department. I was really having a hard time with Addi (as you probably know if you've kept up with the FEW posts I have had lately). I talked to my Mom about everything and she recommended that I should continue doing what I am doing but at the end of time out/punishment/tantrum, I should make sure to hug her tight and explain the situation and my expectations of her quietly. I had been explaining to her calmly before that but she was usually flailing about and trying to get away from me as FAST as she could. So I was skeptical on how this was going to work. Well let me just tell you, since the first time I tackled that little girl with hugs and kisses and told her what behavior I expected from her and she is responding. Before I was trying to be stern but this time I was trying to make her see that no matter what I love her, which I guess I assumed she knew. Aubrey always gets hug after getting in trouble, because she is so upset that she did something wrong and is begging for hugs. So I guess with Addi never trying to get hugs and more so just trying to get away and continue on her mission, I just never thought anything of  the difference between how we handled each girl.

So now I am trying my best to show her as much affection as I can, even if she acts like she doesn't want it. Now when she is going crazy in the car I reach back and rub her leg and she loves it and calms right down. She loves it so much so that she doesn't want me to have my hand back. She is being so sweet right back. It makes me really re-access how I was being as a Mom. I was so overwhelmed with her that I had little patience and I was forgetting that even though Addi is trying to get away from me most the time, that I just need to try extra hard to give her hugs and snuggles. I am hoping that this continues as does the flood of words that have come from my amazing little spitfire lately. :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

No naps for Addi.

This is week three of Addi not napping. She falls asleep the second we get in the car now, which before was unheard of. Strangely, my kids aren't really car sleepers. She is overtired ALL the time. She is a little Zombie these days. Here are some of what she does during nap times...

Then there is the times when she escapes. She wakes the other kids up, just to keep things fun.

SO. I bet you are wondering how this has affected (or is it effected? Gosh I wish I had paid more attention in school. :P) Addi's lovely behavior. Well I am sure you have some idea. It's been ROUGH. She is throwing fits left and right, even more than usual. We took her to the doctor thinking she had an ear infection, she was rubbing her ears and soooooo upset ALL. THE. TIME. Well they couldn't even see if she had one because she had so much wax in her ears. With the tubes they don't like to get wax out so they gave us drops that will take care of the wax and infection (if in fact there is one/two hidden behind her walls of wax). On the plus side (sort of?) we did find out she doesn't weigh 28 lbs like the had weighed her in at last appointment. She actually weighs 21. There goes us getting her weight into the 50th percentile (I had HIGHLY doubted that she was, but was willing to just go with it hahaha.) So back down to the 5th percentile we go.

So yeah that's what we have been dealing with lately. I am just hoping and praying that this phase flies by because I was already overwhelmed with her normal day to day behavior, so adding this in the mix just isn't going over well. Where is my sweet Addi, and when is she coming back?