Monday, April 30, 2012

19 Weeks!

I am still not feeling too much movement, only here and there. I am waiting patiently, well trying to at least.

I am still waiting to get my energy back. This pregnancy is making me a homebody, which is just crazy for me. I am just having a tough time mustering up the energy to get both girls ready and out of the house. I have a very short window of time to get out, Addi usually naps from 9:30 to 11:30, then both girls nap from 2-5. So if I let (yes I said let) Addi take her first nap then I rarely make it out of the house. Lately I just don't have the fight in me to have her skip it and to deal with whatever repercussions come my way for doing it. I am just so darn tired. Hopefully that will change soon, wishful thinking!

As for cravings, I am kind of over Cesar salads. I think I ate too many of them. I still am craving salad though, but now more Greek or Antipasto's! I having been buying kalamata olives just to eat as a snack, so yummy and I usually follow them with some strawberries. I like to eat something salty and then something sweet, always have though! I have been craving Malta, which I don't think I have mentioned before (or maybe I have but I have a two second memory, as most of you know) but I have from the get go.

So that is pretty much it! I am going to have Greg take a 19 week photo in just a sec so I can show you all my belly (and give you my previous 19 week photo's to compare)!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Where'd that come from?

Aubrey and I were having a conversation it went a little like this:

Aubrey: "My boobies hurt."
Me: "You mean your boo boo's?" We are having a hard time getting her to not call them boobies.
Aubrey: "Yes, my boo boo's" she said while pointing out her freckles on her belly.
Me: "Aubrey those are freckles."
Aubrey: "My freckles hurt, get em off" she is now rubbing at them furiously on her belly and legs.
Me: "Sweetie those don't come off, look Mama has some too. I'll kiss them and make them better."
Aubrey: "Freckles OFFFFFFFF!! Freckles OFFFFFFFF!!!"

I swear this girl has OCD, everything must be perfect and clean, I have no clue where she got this from, definitely not Greg and I. Anyways, I was laughing so hard and trying to calm her down. I went to my phone to tell Greg about it to give him a good laugh, and BAM next thing I know projectile vomit is coming my way. She started screaming that her belly hurt, which she had said a little while before this freckle convo, but she was saying everything hurt that morning so I hadn't thought anything off it. I just kept kissing wherever she said it hurt. I feel awful for not thinking anything of EVERYTHING hurting, but she was being silly and laughing about most of her ailments. Well it turn out both girls were sick, and lucky me I got to clean up throw off of every surface that morning! Fun times! At least I got in a good laugh (thanks to Aubrey) before the chaos ensued.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

For a good laugh...

I had forgotten all about these but as I was going through my video's and found them!! So funny!!

Exhausting But Fun!

So I got my phone out to record Addi walking behind her push toy. Well, admist it all was the normal craziness, this is just a few minutes of our day. I'm exhausted!

So if you actually watched all those video's how many times did I ask Aubrey if she heard me?? LOL! Someone is having a little trouble listening lately. I am sure you are exhausted just watching these. I should really record my grocery trips, now those are EXHAUSTING!!! Oh and excuse the mess, I was supposed to clean during their afternoon naps that never happened since they slept so long this morning. So here are some still shots of our afternoon...

Playing nicely, after being told repeatedly not to run her sister over. 

 Standing on her own!

 So strong!
 More standing pics...
 even more.
 Getting into Greyson's car seat that Greg's Mom got for us! 
 They are off...
better see what they are up to...
 Caught them, up to no good!
 They are always getting into things together...
 but it's just so darn cute when they do...
 Where are they off to now??
 Looking outside...
Addi giving me a smile in hopes I will take them outside...
 Aubrey's turn to give a smile and ask to go outside...
 who could say no?!
 She waited so patiently while I set up the blanket.
 Addi tried to cling to my leg to hitch a ride outside. 
 So happy to be outside.

Addi hated her knees touching the grass, so she was either crawling like this or trying to stand up...
 as you can tell by how many pictures I took of her doing it, I was quite amused!

 Aubrey did her normal rolling.
 Pausing in between her rolls to "show me her teeth".
 Addi crawling around with a toy in her mouth. 
A nice tush shot! Had to get one last shot of her crawling without her knees touching! :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Ideas.

Another holiday is upon us, and I feel like I have used so many ideas already. So I am trying to come up with something different. My mind is so full of thoughts about it, I figured maybe I could sort them out here! So here are some ideas...

Get pretty fabric and trace the girls hands and frame!

Paint the girls hands and use stenciled letters (or paint pen) and frame.

This is my top choice right now, try to do my own photo canvases. I think I will do one picture of each girl and then put this saying on them (half of the saying on each one). I can't decide whether to do pictures of my Mom with each girl or just ones of the girls by themselves (thoughts?).  Might do something similar for Greg's Mom, but put the other quote (from above) on them? I am going back and forth on handmaking them or just ordering the canvas's from Snapfish, I can do a collage one and possible still put the quotes on them. I haven't had a chance to get crafty in so long (since I decorated Aubrey's big girl room, while pregnant with Addi), so I would love to make it but... gosh do I have enough time and will it even come out good? So much going through my mind, I am going a little crazy! :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What have we been up to... (pictures/ video update)

She did it on her own, not for long but its a great start! 
She loves to sing Happy Birthday, she will just pick someone to sing it to! So cute! This was her first time singing it, and we sent it to Papa for his Birthday!
Learning to pedal, this video I think was before the other one where she actually pedaled a little on her own.
Driving her car, had to cut the video short because I thought she was going to go flying of the drive way (there is a large drop off on that side of the driveway).
In deep thought before she decides to slide.
LOVES to swing...
...wish we had one at home. 
Such a happy girl (most the time). So not the case today, she has been a hot mess. 
Wish Aubrey would actually smile on command, no such luck.
Dada's sandals are so much fun...
...who needs toys!
She was telling me how she had talked to Dada and Grandma on her fake phone, she is so silly!

So serious!
She told me it was bright out so she need her purple sunglasses!
Miss Attitude! 
Miss Smiley!
She asked me to take more pictures of her, and then came right up and smiled for me! 
Climbing Aubrey's chair...

and she is up!
Thought it was so funny when I made her sit on her bottom.
I swear she is getting into EVERYTHING...
...and Aubrey loves watching her do it! 
Easter once Greg was home!
Fun in the Jacuzzi! 
They have so much fun together!!