Monday, October 6, 2014

Update on the sickness that has hit our house...

Greyson seems to being doing some what better, although he is starting to hate the breathing treatments. He was doing so awesome at them, like AMAZING. You would of thought he had been doing it all his life, like it was no big deal. Now we have to chase him down to do it, but once it starts he is great again. He is still coughing a bunch and not 100% himself, but all the steroids and antibiotics have definitely been helping. We go back soon to find about what kind of "maintenance" we need to be doing for his newly diagnosed Asthma.  

 Addi on the other hand hasn't been doing well at all. She has had really high fevers and has not been herself. We had to take her to the emergency care center yesterday because her fever got up to 105, and she was so out of it. So scary. They said she has bronchitis, I am just not sure that is what it is. Greg loves to point out that I have no medical degree and google doesn't make me more knowledgeable than a doctor. But it you look up what the symptoms are of bronchitis it makes no sense. They put Addi on antibiotics, so hopefully whether it is bronchitis or not hopefully it helps. So far it hasn't, she has had very high fevers today also. I have been on the phone with nurses on and off all day (at least it feels that way). This is day 6 of this sickness and it has only gotten worse. I am already a worrier by nature so this is just a little too much for me to take.
Today while Addi's temp was down for a bit, I let them have a little outside time. I feel like fresh air can do a body good, at least I hope it does. They had so much fun, they are going a bit stir crazy being home so much and can you blame me, its been so gorgeous outside these past few days.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

I'm so over it.

Last week we took Addi to a new Cardiologist in Gainesville. We loved this new one, but Addi's new ECHO was not what we were expecting. They found a suspicious bright spot on the wall of her aorta near where she had her surgery, but not something resulting from the surgery. They are trying to get the film from our other Dr to compare since she had only had her last ECHO a couple months ago. If it is something that has changed recently then it is even more concerning. To me it's concerning either way. If the other Dr failed to inform us of this issue, I find that concerning. If it's something that wasn't on the previous ECHO and something that has changed that rapidly, I find that VERY concerning. I have been a wreck since. Seriously it's all I think about. The Dr wanted a CT done within the next week or two. SO... tomorrow is the day. I am super nervous and I knew today would be rough and full on anticipation.

Well today was rough for all sorts of reasons, not really the reasons I expected. Addi and Greyson got sick yesterday and Addi seemed to have the worst of it. High fever, cough, and endless runny nose. Greyson had about the same but only a mild fever and was acting more himself. This morning they woke up with low fevers and I was relieved. Then all the sudden there was throw up on the ground and I couldn't figure out which child it was from. I look over and Greyson looked horrible. His chest was heaving as if he was trying to catch his breath. I watched him for the next 15 mins hoping it would get better. He had a lot of retraction and he was breathing much faster than normal. You could see each rib, even on his back and his whole body moved with each breath. I had spent a whole week in the hospital watching this type of breathing while he was recovering from RSV at less than a month old. So of course my mind went crazy, envisioning another week stay in the hospital crammed in a little bed by his bedside, watching my baby lethargic and helpless. I then tried to think more logically, he is almost two, not less than a month old. I am sure that this happening at this age isn't as severe as it happening to a newborn. So after 3 hours at the doctors office, 2 breathing treatments, antibiotics and a steroid shot, we were sent home (nebulizer and steroids in tow). Greyson has pneumonia and asthma. So yay, another thing to add to my list of worries. I have to say though through all the craziness of today, the upcoming CT scan and Addi's heart wasn't front and center in my mind as it had been every other day since finding out about it. Definitely not a good thing, but at least somewhat of a silver lining?

Needless to say, I am worn out and just so over it. You know what they say... when it rains, it POURS!

Anyways, prayers are very much appreciated. Prayers for the health of my sweet babies and prayers for my sanity! :)