Friday, March 29, 2013

The little things!

So after being here for TWO weeks, I decided to share the little things I just adore about this house!
I love the light above the cooktop, under the hood. You don't even know how happy it makes me. Not really sure why, but it is ALWAYS on. I seriously never turn it off. The hood is probably my favorite thing in the house, so I think that's why I love that it draws more attention to that area of the kitchen.
I am obsessed with our walk in pantry. We actually have a ton of extra room in there, which has NEVER happened for us before. LOVE IT!
Having a playroom, this I guess is a bigger thing. I love that the kids have a place for all their stuff. We have a long way to go before it's done but I don't even care because even without it being done it still serves it's purpose, giving toys a home!
Double trash pull out right next to the sink! Makes life so much easier. That statement makes me sound a little lazy but I don't care. When I am clearing plates it's nice to have them right there!
Hidden buttons for the dishwasher. Now this is such a little thing that really makes a big difference in our household. Addi is a button pusher. She is always turning things on and messing with things. I love that she has no clue where the buttons are on this! So awesome!
I love that I have lots of places to put pictures. This one doesn't have a picture yet, but it just means I get to order new ones, and you guys all know how picture crazy I am!
I love our backyard, which is again a big thing. But the thing I love about it is a little thing. It is nice and flat. Sounds silly, but having a nice flat backyard for kids to run and play is awesome. It will be even more awesome once we have the fence and fans are up. We have spent more time out here then we have in the house. Even with the cold spell, the afternoons are just amazing out there. I just love everything about our backyard!
So yeah that's about it for now. Probably not as exciting as other house pics, but I had to share!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kind of neat!

A month without a post and now two in one day. You know that's how I do it. ;P

Thought this was kind of neat! Another blogger adapted from my adapted recipe! LOL, that's confusing. Do you remember my Oreo Cupcakes: (some of you may have gotten to try them at Aubrey's second Birthday party). Well this blogger was looking for the easiest Oreo Cupcakes and used my recipe and tweaked it a little (mixed crushed Oreo's into the frosting, brilliant!). Anywhoooo... I just thought it was pretty neat that someone else found my little blog and thought that my adapted recipe was worth trying! 

Here is a link to her post (and the link to my blog at the bottom!) 


How is it possible that it has been nearly a month since I have posted?

It has been one of the craziest months I have had in a while. The good news though, it ended in us getting into our AMAZING (if I do say so myself) house! We have been unpacking like mad men/women, and still aren't even close to done. Do you ever do something and feel like you have spent a whole day doing it but you didn't actually get much accomplished? That is how this move is going. I swear I spent a whole day unpacking and putting stuff away, and if you had seen our garage before and after you would of sworn I hadn't done a single thing. Although I did also spend an hour and a half busting my butt to try to clean our patio set (that was brand new before we moved). That also didn't look much better afterwards. I will be back at it again this weekend, this time with bleach in hand. I am coming for you, you yucky mildew. I had a friend tell me to use bleach from the get go, but of course I was a scaredy cat, and went for mild dish soap (per online directions). What a waste of time.

FOCUS MEL! (you don't even want to know how many times a day I say that to myself, it's pretty sad). I get off topic or distracted so easily these days.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program...

So I know some of you have been dying for some pics. I have been so hesitant to post because I am not even close to done decorating and am not sure I like where I have put things yet. We have only been in our house a week and I have already moved things around over a dozen times. So here I go reluctantly posting some pics. I will probably post more once I am done (well I will probably never be "done", but at I will post them once I am at least satisfied for the time being.) Did I mention I love decorating?! :D
This couch is temporarily there. I just can not decide on new furniture. I was all set on these Spa colored sofa's but now I just think it will be overwhelming and decided just to get the matching chairs for the kitchen sitting area and the same colored stools. I think I like the tan color in the room, plus it is easy to change decor color in the future if I don't purchase colorful couches. 
I have since put the Keurig under the counter, man do those babies take up a good amount of space. I just didn't want the counters to look to crowded. I need to do a close up of the decor in the kitchen, it is really hard to tell what is going on in this pic. 
SO now lets take a look at the love of my life... my teal credenza. Oh, how I love thee. But... I  just can not decide what to do with this darn mirror. I know I want it here. Just not sure if I should hang it, prop it, have it vertically, or horizontally. Greg says hang it. He doesn't like the propped look. Plus I guess it will add height either way I hang it. SO... I am going to make him hold it up both ways and take pics and figure it out from there. I really wish I were more decisive sometimes. Well really I wish that ALL the time. I can never pick a place to eat without a never ending "You pick. NO. YOU pick." discussion. Greg likes to call them "arguments". LOL!
So there is a little bit of the house. I swear I will post more tomorrow. (or the next day, or the next day.)