Saturday, July 27, 2013


So Willow is coming to visit and the timing couldn't be better. Aubrey has started asking for a blue doggy. Yes BLUE doggy. I tried to explain to her that there aren't any blue dogs but she told me I was wrong and she wanted one. So Greg and I tried to change the subject to Willow's visit! Hopefully she will forget this whole blue doggy thing because there is one thing I know, even if there was a blue dog out there we would not EVER be getting a dog. (Don't hold me to that hahaha).

Hard time keeping up.

I realize I have had a really hard time keeping up with my blog. Life with three littles can be pretty hectic, as you probably all know. But that isn't the only reason, I think of things I need to write about all the time and then completely forget them the next second. So I am going to make a quick little list on here so that I can try to get them all down in the next few weeks or so...

Baby Bag Review #2- Since review number one I have used a handful of other bags and would love to dish about them all!
30th Birthday Cruise- Hopefully I will still remember all the good stuff by the time I write this!

Goodness there I go again, I can't think of the others. In the middle of the night though, I had a ton of thoughts that I just "had" to write about. Maybe they will come back to me. This "Mom Brain" is even worse than preggo brain.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

After a day like today.

After a day like today, I am so glad I am getting away tomorrow. Today a man yelled at Addi, and I was too much in shock, and too much of a push over to say anything back. I am kicking myself wishing I had had the guts to say something, he was so rude and unkind, there is NEVER a need to yell "shut up" at a two year old. Greg had left the table to get our food, and I am thankful he wasn't there to hear this guy yell at Addi. I don't think it would of ended well. Greg was of course livid when I told him, of course I was trying hard not to cry while I was telling him (I swear these days anything to do with my kids makes me cry). I wish I could go back in time and say something to that man, but really even at this moment have no clue what I would of said. I was wiped out after lunch but still had to hit up Target to get Greg the necessities to survive for three days without me, and to pick up my one bottle of allotted wine for the girls cruise. As the lady watched me struggle to load all my goods up on the register while Addi kept screaming and pulling every which way, she said to me "Are you sure you don't want more than one bottle, you look like you need a few." She was joking of course, and to tell you the truth she's probably right. These past few days, weeks, maybe even months have been so tough with Addi. I love her more than I can even put in words but goodness she is a very unhappy child these days. I am trying to stay patient and trying to talk through things, trying to be understanding, trying, trying, trying. But man she is "trying" me.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Over the Moon!

This week has been a rough one. I got quite sick and Greg had a volleyball tournament so he wasn't home much at all this week so I have been taking care of the kids on my own and sick (thank goodness I am better now). I don't think I have ever been so exhausted in my life. I give SOOOOOO much credit to Mom's with husbands that travel a lot, Military Mom's, and especially single Mom's. I really have NO clue how you make it through a day knowing that there is no one coming home at the end of the day to help. I am just surviving at this point, and granted Greg not being home isn't really for work (it is a "work" team, but that's about as far as that goes), it was really his choice to do this tournament, so I think that it makes it that much harder/frustrating for me because he could very well be home helping me. Ok Melissa we get it! Enough complaining already! (Don't even try to tell me you weren't thinking that, lol!)

So on to the "Over the Moon" part! My amazing husband whom I am SO proud of (who I sorta just threw under the bus above lol) got an amazing promotion! He has worked SO hard for it. Greg has been working at his current job for almost 5 years, and to give you an idea of just how hard he works... in that time he has gotten 3 promotions and he now manages 5 groups. I really could not be more proud of him. I am really truly over the moon about it! I'm just so darn proud!

It didn't dawn on me until the other day that this is just like Greg. In my post about Greg winning a stroller, I mentioned how in college Greg it was known that Greg was not a very lucky person when it came to winning things through luck it just didn't happen. But, if it came to working hard to win, he had no problem winning it. Well I never realized how big that would pay off in the real world (I was really only thinking about it being good for sports and games). In college I always thought Greg was a little too cocky for his own good (Jen can probably back me up on that), I mean really can you really be the best at everything? Well the thing I have come to find out with Greg is he may not always be as good, but he will work his darnedest until he is not only as good, but until he is actual better. He strives to know everything about everything, I wish I was even half as determined as he is. It really just blows my mind. I know I am going on and on about him, but I am really just so proud of him (did I mention that yet?) and what he has accomplished in a fairly short span of time. So yeah... I am now done gushing. I am sure many of you out there have husbands just like this (I personally know of a few), aren't we just so lucky?!
(Thank God Greg doesn't ever read my blog lol).

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Life has been a complete blur lately. I don't even remember the last time I wrote a post, has it been long? Time has been flying by Greyson is turning 10 months in 6 days. How the heck did that happen? He is such a mix of his two sisters. He is slower with motor skills and more vocal, like Aubrey (not to mention he looks just like her). He loves to put EVERYTHING in his mouth and eats non-stop like Addi. He hasn't found a food he doesn't like. He is an awesome, amazing, sweet, chill little guy and so much fun to cuddle with. I really just wish it wasn't going by so fast. It is crazy how having kids makes you really want to cram as much as you can into every moment (and just pause life a a bit) because you blink and that moment is gone.

Life with three babies so close together is definitely never dull, but oh my is it exhausting at times. I have had some really awesome days and some really rough ones lately. Lately my biggest struggles have been with Addi. She is just never content and rarely happy. She can whine a whole day away. Her speech has really been coming along. She is repeating most everything we try to get her to say, but understanding it all is a whole other story. We are definitely having communication issues. She will throw a fit because she doesn't understand what is going on. I am just praying it will get better with her speech, but man-oh-man it's rough right now. There are days I just feel like the worst mother ever, and end up crying. I worry non-stop about Addi, and it is just weighing on me so much lately. At least I have Greg who is dealing with it too, obviously not as much, but still. He tries to help as much as he can and I am so thankful he does. I am also so thankful that I have a girls birthday cruise coming up...

ONLY 11 DAYS! I have never needed a break more than I do right now, I just hope Greg can handle all the kids while I am gone. I am extremely nervous about leaving, but I know they are in great hands (I just keep repeating that to myself). The only downside to the cruise is that it means I am 30! Yep you read that right... 3-0. Now that is just shocking right? Especially since I don't look a day over 23 (hehehe a girl can dream, right?). Greg and I are only 4 days apart so I get to tease him about being 30 for 4 whole days! I can't hardly wait!

So again for the hundredth time, I apologize for my lack of posting and will try to do better! PROMISE!