Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Other Obsession. (Short Review of Baby Carriers)

Okay so you know how I am/was obsessed with finding the perfect diaper bag, well my other obsession is finding the perfect baby carrier. I have tried so many kinds, hmm lets see if I can remember them all: Moby, Baby K'tan, Snuggy baby wrap (like the Moby but had a reinforced center), Baby Bjorn Air, Ergo, and Infantino Mei Tai. I think that's all of them, I may have forgotten one or two.

Well now I am onto a new one to try, I have looked for one that has everything that I have liked from the others. I am a nervous baby wearer to say the least. So the fabric ones gave me great anxiety and were a bit overwhelming to figure out. I did like that they were soft and could be used with newborns. I  liked the Mei Tai I liked that it was able to be worn with baby facing out, since Addi is crazy about seeing everyone but I wanted to be able to easily flip her around if she was becoming over stimulated, she likes the Mei Tai but I again feel better with buckles more so than just tied fabric. I learned from the Ergo that I wanted it to be very adjustable, going up to higher weight insured some wiggle room, unlike the Bjorn which seemed to squish Aubrey even when she was younger (she was a little chunky monkey!). Aubrey hated the Bjorn, and it's a good thing since all the articles came out after saying how bad those types were. So this is what brought me to the Becco Gemini.

I love that it is very close to the Ergo, but more versatile. I have really wanted one that can be used as a hip carrier, since Addi loves to either be on my hip or facing out. So after I use it a bit, I will update you all on how I like it and if it's a keeper!

I have yet to try Addi in it, but one little girl was dying to try it out...

What have we been up to... (pictures/ video update)

Aubrey loves helping clean!

Addi is obsessed with standing and playing! She gets so happy!

I don't know why but her face in this one makes me laugh! 
My latest pinterest project!! You write on it with a dry erase marker! Since I forget everything lately, even what I planned to make each night for dinner this is a nice easy way to keep track of everything I have to do! I can put what's for dinner or any plans or appointments we may have, or even just things that need done around the house! 
Aubrey and Addi sharing snacks! (Addi's snacks lol!)
I know it looks like she is tackling her but she is actually giving her a hug! So cute! 
Logan came back into town, Aubrey was in heaven having her friend back! They had so much fun together! (Check out the video below of their performance!!)  

She is such a wonderful big sister! Feeding Addi! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I want a doppler.

I really would love a doppler, I really think I need one! I hate this stage of not feeling movement. I just want to know everything is okay. If it were up to me I would already have one, from being pregnant with Aubrey. I have tried to convince Greg every time I have been pregnant to get one, he just thinks I am crazy. I am a non-stop worrier though, so I just want piece of mind.

Although... I think maybe it's good I don't have one. I don't know how good I would be at finding the heartbeat and I would probably be calling my OB all the time freaking out that I can't find a heartbeat.

So yeah maybe I don't need one. But man do I still WANT one!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So with each pregnancy I have my staples ("cravings") that I eat NON-STOP! With Aubrey it was guacamole, chocolate ice cream, spaghetti with tomato sauce, and tomato soup. With Addi, it was mostly just spaghetti and chocolate ice cream.

This one has been the same but different, mostly because the idea of chocolate ice cream does not thrill me (haven't touched it), I want everything strawberry or fruity flavored (Mochi, yummy!). I can't get enough of soft pretzels (OMG AMAZING!). Still craving spaghetti with tomato sauce and tomato soup (I think it helps my nausea). I have been obsessed with lettuce/salad but I am thinking that might be a lack of fluids. Lastly, grapefruit and coconut donuts! YUM!

Oh and of course let's not forget with each pregnancy I live and breath for CHIPOTLE!!! :D

Forgot one, buffalo chicken, this one is a really strange one for me. I like it well enough normally, but I LOVE it now. I had been ordering it everywhere we went before I even knew I was pregnant. Greg told me it was strange that I was eating it so much, and I must be pregnant. He was joking at the time, but I guess he was right! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What have we been up to... (pictures/ video update)

Aubrey was having fun putting stickers all over their faces!  She is obsessed with Dada lately! 
Playing catch with herself! 

Telling me "No more pictures". 
Acting like Addi, she looks so silly with a paci in her mouth. 
Laying in the dining room, her new spot to rest. Daddy joined her. 
Addi gets better at crawling everyday. 
Daddy and Aubrey being tall! 
She puts everything in her mouth, my Mom warned me that my second child would do this since I got off easy with Aubrey never putting anything other than her thumb in her mouth. 
Addi thinks she can just stand up whenever she wants, she tries really hard but it never ends up working out! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Our songs...

So Greg and I have a new song.

A few months ago, we were in the car and this song came on. Greg turned to me and said this song reminds him of us. I listened and it was perfect! Greg isn't one to listen to the words of songs, so I was shocked.

By the next time we heard it together he had already forgotten. He is very forgetful, but I never forgot.

You might think it's weird that I think this song is ours, but I can be crazy. Crazy in lots of different ways, crazy hyper, crazy mad, crazy hormonal, crazy drunk, crazy stressed, and just plain crazy. Greg is always there no matter what, calming me down, loving me, and just being all around wonderful. He is my perfect match, not because we are alike (which we are in many ways), but because he is so calm and laid back and knows just what to say to me to make everything ok.

So really if anything this song to me represents how awesome Greg is for loving this crazy girl!

Back to work...

So last night I woke up at 3:00 from a dream about taking the girls with me back to work. I laid awake for the next hour thinking about how it might work. I called my parents this morning and ran it by them to see what they thought about it.

So yep, next Monday I am going to try to go back to work. Just for tax season. I am nervous to see how it goes with having both girls with me. I miss thinking, I miss my family, I actually miss work.

I think I may be crazy, but I am just hoping and praying that it works out. I just want to contribute, even if it's only a little bit. Greg is constantly stressing about money and it in turn makes me stress. So I am just going back for Monday and Tuesday's, until May. Monday will be a trial run, so fingers crossed I don't lose my mind!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

9 Weeks!

Time is flying by. It is just nuts, I feel like I just found out and here I am 9 weeks already.

Hmmm, so what is new???

Not much really, still sick. I take the Zofran the second I wake up in the morning, and by afternoon I am sick again. I only take one a day though, they only let you get refills every 30 days so it makes it so I can't really take more even if I wanted to.

I am so incredibly tired, ALL THE TIME. I go to bed when the girls do, if not before. I just keep thinking only 3-4 more weeks of this and then it's on to the fun trimester!

*Oh and I just decided to post the rest of the "secret" posts today there are about 5 new posts below, so check them out!!

So sick of being sick. (2/8/2012) (SECRET POST #9)

I feel like I have permanent food poisoning, the morning sickness has taken on a life of it's own. I fight off taking the Zofran because I hate taking medications and I worry that taking too much isn't good for the baby.

I am being a big baby, I know. It's just really rough taking care of two babies, being exhausted, and constantly feeling nauseous. I feel like curling up into a ball and hiding until the first trimester is over.

As much as I complain about it, I am happy about it too. It makes me a little less worried.

Backing to snacking on Saltines I go...

First Appointment... (2/6/2012) (SECRET POST #8)

So my first appointment with the nurse went well. I talked to her about early screening for heart issues, since of course that is on my mind.  My insurance wouldn't cover extra screening with my last pregnancies because I am not over 30, but hopefully we will be able to get them to since Addi had heart issues.

I asked about the dizziness, and she said it's normal since I have really low blood pressure and tend to become anemic while pregnant. So there isn't much they can do. She said to just get up slowly so I don't fall, and to eat frequently. So yep not much to report!

7 weeks! (2/5/2012) (SECRET POST #7)

So I am 7 weeks today, and am so dizzy that I have problems standing for very long. I am seriously afraid I am going to fall to the ground. I woke up this morning running for the toilet, the nausea/ morning sickness has gotten much more intense. I took two anti-nausea pills today, I usually try to only take one a day, but it didn't even touch it. I have my nurses appointment tomorrow, they just do blood work and talk about stuff. I am definitely going to mention the dizziness, it has me really concerned.

I also took a three hour nap today, which is so crazy for me. I for some reason can not nap, seriously the last time I sucessfully napped may have been while I was pregnant with Aubrey. It's that bad. My mind just refuses to let me stop and slow down during the day. Drives me batty. Todays nap was good, but painful. Well the waking up part was painful. Back in the day when I napped it turned into bedtime, because I just couldn't make myself get back up. I think my body only has an on and off switch, no in between.

So yeah 7 weeks and not much fun stuff to report, not that there really is much fun stuff to report while pregnant anyways (basically just the gender ultrasound is really "fun").

Nausea has hit... (2/2/2012) (SECRET POST #6)

So it has finally hit. I thought maybe that I was dizzy and sick to my stomach from the cruise, but the gagging and throwing up has begun. I called my doctor a few days ago to get a prescription for the anti-nausea medicine to have on hand. Thanks goodness because it is the only way I have functioned today.

It's crazy how quickly we adapt. 1/23/2012 (SECRET POST #5)

I have known I am pregnant for less than a week, but it seems like months. I went from shock and being freaked out, to beyond excited in a matter of a day or two. It's crazy how something so surprising become something so normal.

I have been freaking out a bit not because I am pregnant again, but mostly because I am becoming so used to the idea of being pregnant and having another. I find myself worrying all the time about something happening. Worrying about something being wrong, like heart issues and such. I have always been a worrier, but this is a little different because I worry to the point of panic. I can feel my heart start pounding faster and harder, I have to make myself breathe.

Hopefully I can put it out of my mind, and just focus on being positive.

5 weeks... 1/22/2012 (Secret Post # 4)

This time around I am going to try to keep better track of my pregnancy. With Aubrey I was on edge so much and spent most of my pregnancy researching every little thing my crazy brain could think up. With Addi, I was just in shock/denial the whole time that I was having another baby already when I didn't feel ready. So this time around I am going to make more of an effort so I can remember things more clearly.

Well I am five weeks today, and pretty much writing this post to myself since I still will not be posting these pregnancy posts for a while. But besides that, I have little to no symptoms. I am peeing a little more, but not much. I am not sure what it is, but I just don't pee much (even pregnant). I know you all are so happy to know that.

Also, I have been really dizzy. The night before I found out I was pregnant, I took a hot bath, not as hot and I normally would of (for some strange reason), and when I got out I was so dizzy I almost fell and had to go lay down immediately. I should of known right then that I was pregnant, but I of course thought nothing of it. Then the next morning I got out of bed and was dizzy and seeing stars.  It used to happen to me all the time in my other pregnancies, I don't know if my equilibrium is thrown off, or what? When pregnant I get migraines non-stop, and this pregnancy it's no exception. They aren't as intense though as the ones I get non-pregnant, thank goodness, since I can't take medicine for them while pregnant.

So yep, that is pretty much it! Nothing to exciting to report. Morning sickness usually kicks in at 6 weeks, hoping it holds off until 6 weeks and 1 day, since next Sunday I will be on a cruise.

Friday, February 17, 2012

What makes me so excited... 1/19/2012 (SECRET POST #3)

... about being pregnant again, is that I will never have to do IVF again. I have always wanted three kids, after all we had to go through to have Aubrey, I thought for sure having three wasn't in the cards.

 It took us two rounds of IVF to conceive Aubrey, so I was thinking at the minimum I was looking at two more rounds to have two more kids, but it could take many more times than that and a lot of money. So when we got the surprise of Addi, I wasn't quite ready for it but I was still so excited that we had naturally conceived. So now getting this surprise, I find myself adjusting quickly and getting more excited. Yes the timing isn't great, but I feel like our family will be complete and to me that is just beyond exciting! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another secret post! 1/19/2012 (SECRET POST #2)

This is going to be tough to keep writing posts and not posting them. It's only been two days since we found out and I am dying to tell EVERYONE! I am trying to think of a cute way to tell my Mom, I was going to buy shirts for the girls that say "Big Sister" on both, but its close to $50 for the cute ones (off etsy, of course)

SO, I might just send this instead. Can't decide whether to email it or text it.
Should be pretty self explanatory right?? But is it too impersonal? Man I wish you all could read this to answer me! By the time you read this, I will have already had to decide. Grrr....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Umm, really?? 1/18/2012 (SECRET POST #1)

I am sitting down to write this post (today is January 18th), knowing full and well I will not be posting it for at least 12 more weeks. I have a feeling I will be having a few of these types of post that I will be holding onto and posting all at once. This might be a little TMI to some, not to me though!

So yesterday after I put the girls down for a nap, I went to FINALLY use the bathroom. As I was going to, I started thinking about how it seems like it had been a while since I had my period (sorry if TMI). So I decided to take a test, like I always do when it seems like its been a while. They are always negative. So I took it, it was of course negative so I just put it to the side and left.

Later I went to start doing my 30 Day Shred, and Greg reminded me to go pee first because for some reason every time I started doing the jumping jacks and jumping rope, I have to pee so badly. So I go in and just glance at the test and... it's positive. I freak. It must just be evap lines, there is just no way. So I quickly take another test and sit there waiting patiently. Turns out the cheap amazon test take a while to show positive, took about two minutes but there it was positive. I proceeded to take a ton more tests...
and sent Greg out to get a different kind to make sure that it wasn't just the test strips malfunctioning. We then spent the next hour or so looking up what things could cause false positives, but nothing pertained to me.

Greg is still not believing it is true. I took another test this morning to compare (bottom one is the newest)...

Greg thinks that it doesn't look any darker so maybe it's a chemical pregnancy like we had before Aubrey. If it is real, then we will have 3 under 3. They will all be 16 months apart, almost exactly. We also found out about Addi when Aubrey was 7 months.

So you are probably wondering how we ended up in this situation. Well if you have read my other posts, you should know how hard it was to conceive Aubrey, about the two rounds of IVF, and all that jazz. Well we really just thought we were beyond lucky that Addi came about on her on (well not so much on HER own but you know what I mean) and that it was just a crazy miracle. My body does not handle birth control well, I was spotting ALL month long. Greg and I had been discussing and IUD but we had heard such horror stories, so we were hesitant and Greg really wanted to have a third right away.

So you are probably wondering how I am taking it. I am taking it better than I expected. When I found out about Addi, I was a little more of a mess because Aubrey had been such a tough newborn but now after having my little sweetie baby, I know that it isn't always as tough as it was with Aubrey. I am trying to stay positive. I was really thinking I was going to have to do IVF again to have another baby, so really I am relieved not to have to. We wanted a third, but if everything goes well with this pregnancy it will be our LAST.

I have only told one person, since the lines are so light it makes me nervous to even tell our family. So we are going to wait a bit. Maybe I'll think of a cute way to tell them. Do you think they make BIG sister shirts in Addi's size (0-3 months), hehehe?!

Still can't believe it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So I just had an appointment...

and I was waiting for confirmation before posting about it and I am not announcing it anywhere else (for a while) but... we are expecting again! We are so excited, I have lots of posts that I have written since finding out so I will be posting them over the next few days! 

I am big on waiting for people to know until after the first trimester, my rule is if you wouldn't feel comfortable talking to that person about a miscarriage than don't tell them about the pregnancy until you're out of the first trimester. Well, I figure that if it were to happen (God forbid) I would write about it, so you all would hear about it either way.

So here is Baby Moore #3:

I am just praying for a healthy pregnancy and healthy little one. I am beyond nervous after all we went through after Addison was born. This go around, I will be seeing a high risk doctor on top of my normal OB and they will be doing a more in depth ultrasound at 16 weeks. It makes me feel a little better knowing that we won't have another shock coming our way, hopefully!

Oh and one more little bit of information to leave you all with, my due date is September 23rd! 


I have begun so many posts and given up on them in the middle of writing them because I know I will never post them. There are things that have really frustrated me lately that I would love to get off my chest, but once I sit down to write them I realize that I can't post most of it. It mostly has to do with family, and I don't want to hurt anyone by putting it out there how I feel about certain situations but at the same time I feel like it boils up inside and I just need it out.

I am not one for confrontation, I am a people pleaser to a fault, I just want everyone to be happy and don't ever want to upset anyone. Sometimes though it eats at me. I guess for now I just keep it in.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Addi's sleeping...

Greg and I were talking yesterday about how little Addi seems to be awake. This past week she has napped for around 6 hours a day (and sleeps 12+ hours at night). Normally it's closer to 5 hours, which to me still seems like a lot.

I have had to wake her up from most of her naps, her morning naps were running over her two hours and I always try to plan something for the mornings to get us all out of the house. So I wake her up, and I am still late to wherever it is I am going. Her afternoon naps are usually three hours, and she was napping for over 4 hours. Greg came home two days last week and she was still sleeping, that is around 6:30. We let her sleep until dinner time (7:00) and then wake her to eat with us. 

It's just nuts, her bedtime is 7:45 and she is sleeping until 7 and then goes right back to sleep at her NORMAL bedtime. It is stressing me out, I am thinking it's a growth spurt but she isn't really eating much more. I guess if it keeps up, I might one of those crazy Mom's that call the doctor for absurd reasons. "Umm hello Doctor, my baby sleeps too much." 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Aubrey's Birthday!

Aubrey has turned TWO! I can't even believe it. We had a Minnie party for her, and she had a blast! Everything went perfectly except for the crazy wind. Somehow at this park the wind just swirls like no where else in Jacksonville.

Aubrey spent most her party running around with Grandma, her Uncles, and of course Logan! I wasn't  sure if Aubrey really realized it was HER Birthday until she started ripping through the presents, which she has never done at any of the umpteen other Birthday parties we've been to. 

Monday was her actual Birthday, Greg took the day off to spend with us. We didn't do a ton, just whatever Aubrey wanted to do. Greg made her pancakes, which ended up being very yummy, but very messy. So then Aubrey decided she wanted to take a bath, we always do baths at night so this was quite a treat for her. She was so excited because she had been dying to use the bath crayon's my Aunt Stevie had sent her for her Birthday.

After her bath we played with the train set Logan gave her for her Birthday, she is obsessed. 

Then we headed off to her 2 year appointment. She was great she barley cried, even when getting her shot. She weighs 30lbs 4oz. She is still my chunky monkey! We then headed to meet the Silva's for Chipotle Monday (Aubrey's favorite place, not even kidding), it was a nice goodbye. We miss them so much. Just today Aubrey was on her fake phone and I asked who she was talking to and she said "No-nee" (Logan) it about broke my heart. No matter where we go, she always asks if Logan will be there. Sorry, little tangent there.

Anyways back to her Birthday... 

We headed back home and played a little more, then the girls went down for their naps. Once they woke up we had a dinner of all of Aubrey's favorites. Hot dog, pasta with tomato sauce, peas, and yogurt! She got to pick what she ate, I think she did a pretty darn good job picking!  

Aubrey had a fabulous second Birthday, I can't believe my little girl is two already! Time really does fly. She really is growing up to be such a sweet, loving, and smart little girl. I am just so proud to be her Mama!