Friday, March 29, 2013

The little things!

So after being here for TWO weeks, I decided to share the little things I just adore about this house!
I love the light above the cooktop, under the hood. You don't even know how happy it makes me. Not really sure why, but it is ALWAYS on. I seriously never turn it off. The hood is probably my favorite thing in the house, so I think that's why I love that it draws more attention to that area of the kitchen.
I am obsessed with our walk in pantry. We actually have a ton of extra room in there, which has NEVER happened for us before. LOVE IT!
Having a playroom, this I guess is a bigger thing. I love that the kids have a place for all their stuff. We have a long way to go before it's done but I don't even care because even without it being done it still serves it's purpose, giving toys a home!
Double trash pull out right next to the sink! Makes life so much easier. That statement makes me sound a little lazy but I don't care. When I am clearing plates it's nice to have them right there!
Hidden buttons for the dishwasher. Now this is such a little thing that really makes a big difference in our household. Addi is a button pusher. She is always turning things on and messing with things. I love that she has no clue where the buttons are on this! So awesome!
I love that I have lots of places to put pictures. This one doesn't have a picture yet, but it just means I get to order new ones, and you guys all know how picture crazy I am!
I love our backyard, which is again a big thing. But the thing I love about it is a little thing. It is nice and flat. Sounds silly, but having a nice flat backyard for kids to run and play is awesome. It will be even more awesome once we have the fence and fans are up. We have spent more time out here then we have in the house. Even with the cold spell, the afternoons are just amazing out there. I just love everything about our backyard!
So yeah that's about it for now. Probably not as exciting as other house pics, but I had to share!


  1. Love that pantry. Everything looks awesome :)

  2. Love it all!! The long bottle of wine/liquor on the top shelf of the pantry looks a little sad though :)

  3. Lol! It does look sad, maybe you should come over and drink it with me! :)