Friday, November 9, 2012

Why does it have to be so hard?

Why does this whole buying a house business have to be so dang hard. I am so sick of stressing over it. Not only is building the house stressful in itself, but then getting the financing for it is a whole other story. We are going for a USDA loan and have hit bumps in the road the whole time. We really want to go this route because it makes our payment considerably cheaper, can we say no PMI (private mortgage insurance)! We have had issues with them not wanting to count Greg's bonus's as income (which hopefully are now resolved?), we have to wait 20 BUSINESS days (so basically 4 weeks) after we get the appraisal (which has not happened yet) to close because the USDA office is so behind, and now they want Greg to have one point higher on his credit score for their automatic underwriting system. Yes ONE point, seriously. I am beyond frustrated. So now we are trying to get incorrect information on Greg's credit report fixed, which takes time. Time that we can't afford to waste. We now have to have the company send a letter stating the changes and then PAY (yes you read correctly... PAY) to get the credit bureaus to update it. I am beyond frustrated. I swear it just get's more and more ridiculous as we go. At this point it looks like it may now be January before we get to move in, and we will have wasted thousands of dollars paying for the delay of closing. I'm just so worn out by this all. I just want to give up. Can things ever just go smoothly? Umm nope, not for Greg and I at least.

Never has.

Yep, that is all. Vent DONE.

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