Sunday, January 15, 2012

Easy Oreo Cupcakes!!

Okay, so you all know by now how untalented I am in the kitchen, well I found this Oreo cupcake recipe and I just had to try it out to see if they were better for Aubrey's party than the cookie dough cupcakes that I made last month. So I used store bought cupcake mix, to simplify it!

So here is the original recipe I was "following"...
It's off of Annie's eats blog.  (FYI, She really doesn't recommend substituting or changing the recipe at all because it can mess with the results). This is just one of the reasons I did a test run before Aubrey's birthday, well that and to compare yumminess!

Ok so this is what I did:

I took regular Oreo's...
Twisted enough in half to fill the bottom of each cupcake liner, then put the ones I couldn't break nicely enough in a bag on the side and add some of the other halves (the ones without cream) into the bag. The recipe had asked for 20 chopped Oreo's to mix in, I did about 15 because 20 just seemed like a lot.  I also didn't not cut mine up. I crushed them in the bag, most of them were smaller than quartered (the original recipe says to chop them into quarters) which is how I wanted them. 

 I made the cupcake batter, Pillsbury is my favorite!! 
 Then I folded in the cookies, making sure not to mix it up too much. 
 I am really glad I did less of the cookies, because the batter was super chunky (as you can see) with the 15 so I'm worried if I did more the ratio of batter to cookies might be off. I would hate for the cupcakes to fall apart. 
 I baked for 18 minutes, and they got a little browner than they normally would. So I think next time I will try it for 16-17 minutes, but I think they might not be fully cooked at that point. If they aren't I'll just keep them in, I don't mind a little golden color!
 I frosted them with the cream cheese frosting (Pillsbury again, I just like their cake stuff best).  She made a cream cheese butter cream (I am not a big fan of butter cream, I've come to find out). 
 Once frosted I hade Greg try it first, he is a huge Oreo fan, and I'm counting calories right now so I was trying to resist. 
Greg thought they were great, so I of course HAD to try a bite for myself (for the sake of this post of course)! 

Well let me just tell you, they were AMAZING! I love them, they are a cookies and cream lovers dream! I personally like these just a tad better, the cookie dough ones can be quite heavy and sweet. Greg is taking them to work so all his co-workers can compare them to the cookie dough cupcakes. So I'll let you know what the consensus is. Either way I think I might just make BOTH for Aubrey's birthday, because these were SO simple and yummy! (Oh and they were cooked perfectly even though they were a little dark on top, still super moist!)


  1. Um...where's mine? I want to compare too :) Also, do you still want me to make the minnie mouse cake pops? I bought some chocolate discs to try it out (maybe next weekend). Lastly, stop saying you are bad in the kitchen, most of your stuff comes out way better than mine and I cook all the time. That is all :) ~~Ash

  2. I'll put one in the freezer for you! :) I would love for you to make the cake pops, but if you'd rather do something else that's fine too!! Ok instead of saying I'm bad, I'll say I'm inexperienced lol!