Sunday, September 11, 2011

Really?? You want to have this conversation now?

Greg and I finally crawled into bed last night around 3:30 AM. We had had such a fun night, eating, drinking, watching the gator game, talking, and playing games! I was exhausted. He was not. I guess he felt it was the perfect time to talk about things that he had been thinking about. 

He went into how he really didn't have any desire to have a third child. We have always disagreed on the number of children we want. I have always wanted three, and he has always wanted two. He then went on to say that he would be willing to have a third if we did it right away and he really wouldn't be willing to wait. I am not ready, nor did I want to have this discussion while I was falling in and out of sleep. 

I want to wait two years (and that was already a compromise from the four years I really wanted to wait). Greg really doesn't want to get out of baby mode, but I need a break from baby mode. Plus I can't even imagine how I would work out getting out of the house with three babies.

I finally got him to agree to discuss this at a better time, because really 3:30 AM was NOT the right time. I really don't know what to do or say. I am kind of at a loss. I really want a third, but the thought of a third now is just SO overwhelming. Should I wait and hope he changes his mind when I am ready to have a third? Should I just get over the idea of having a third? Should I just go ahead and start "trying" to have a third? I wish I knew what to do...


  1. LOL! you guys crack me up! Daniel says the same thing...we're screwed!

  2. I really want another too!! I say go for it :) The more the merrier! LOL!