Monday, September 5, 2011

Baby Free Time...

I have gotten a good bit of baby free time lately! It has been a lot of fun, but I still tend to feel guilty for not being home with the girls. I know the grandparents love to have them but I think Mom's can't help but feel guilty for everything. So if I am going to be away from my babies it has to be totally worth it!

The latest baby free adventure was a trip to Gainesville for the first game of the Gator football season. We of course had to plan way in advance to make it happen, but I was beyond excited. I had been pregnant for the past two seasons, so this was my first time in forever that I would actually be participating in tailgating!

We had such a great group! I seriously love them all, they are all just so much fun! We had lots of people to meet up with and tailgates to go to, but lost track of time but it really didn't matter because we were having so much fun on our own. We drank, walked, got lost, played games, talked non-stop, told some random guy that Emily was a knocked up freshman, walked, stuffed our faces, walked some more, drank some more, helped a guy that had been punched out, Spence found a random skate board that he then road for the rest of the night, drank some more, played more games, Greg won money playing full cup flip cup (to Ryan's dismay), drank some more, walked some more, hilariously squished into a small vehicle, chased Greg around, ate some more, and then stuffed a hotel room full of beds!!

It was most definitely worth it!!

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  1. this weekend was so much fun!! and don't forget Greg asking the waitress for straws "no no, you have some right here!" hahaha. Let's do it again next season!!