Thursday, September 29, 2011

Staying busy...

I love busy weeks, I love when I have something planned for every single day! Which lately has been pretty much the case. Getting out of the house is quite a task but so worth it. I think I am training Aubrey to be the same way. She gets just as antsy as I do.

I think the reason why I HAVE to get out of the house and pack as much fun stuff into a week that I can, is because growing up my parents were homebodies unless we had a sporting event (might even be why I played year round sports, to get out of the house). I just remember so many weekends stuck at home, doing chores, or being bored. Holiday's were the same way. All of our family was far away so on holiday's we just stayed home, I didn't even have a reason to change out of pj's and I hate staying in pj's. It actually kind of depresses me when I have no reason to get dressed. Greg would complain about how growing up they had to go to each Grandparents house (three different places). To me that sounded like a dream! Now I get that, since we both have our families to see, we get to hop around all day from place to place! I love it!

I drive Greg a little insane though, because even on weekends I plan like every minute, and if we don't have specific plans then I fill it with errands (which I love!). We never sit around relaxing, unless the girls are napping and even then I am already planning on where we are going when they wake up. Greg is pretty sure I have issues. Oh well! I feel like if I stay busy then I am not wasting time! Which I kind of feel like growing up, I had a lot of wasted time...

Maybe Greg is right, maybe I do have issues. :)

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  1. Another little one would pretty much guarantee constant busy-ness :)