Thursday, November 3, 2011

Addison's heart (update)...

So we just had yet another doctors apointment. I had anxiously been awaiting this one. We were getting an update on how Addison's heart was doing.

The nurses were in awe of how happy my baby girl was. She smiled and talked to all of them, wiggling with excitement. She is just the cutest thing! The nurses kept telling us how lucky we were to have such a happy baby.

Addison's bp's were great, almost exactly the same in the arm and her leg. Her EKG was great too. The only thing that wasn't perfect was the ultrasound. She has a very small leak in her aorta. At the size it is currently it won't be an issue. If it grows and leaks more, then she would need surgery again. The Doctor said if it does grow it would be very slow, so we just have to keep an eye on it. I am just hoping and praying it is nothing.

Please keep my amazing baby girl in your thoughts and prayers.

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