Sunday, November 6, 2011

Guy's trip...

So Greg went on a guy's "fishing" trip, where I am pretty sure they caught no actual fish. At least the last time I talked to Greg they hadn't, but who knows by now because the only actual phone calls I have gotten are at 2 AM, so they don't last long. Greg is the type that goes on a trip and everything else is out of site, out of mind. So the little we did talk was through text, here is a bit of it:

Me- I am surprised you're up already. We miss you, Aubrey kept looking at the front door saying "Dada?" she was waiting for you to come home from work.

Greg- I've been the first person up and the last in bed each nite.

Me- Why?

Greg- And probably the biggest drinker. Motivated is why.

Me- Who is this?

Greg- What do you mean?

Me- Why are you telling me that you aren't getting any sleep and that you are drinking a ton? Just weird if you ask me.

Greg- I thought you would be proud.

Me- LOL, I thought someone got your phone and was tattling on you.

Yep that is my husband, so proud...

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