Friday, June 22, 2012


So for all of you that follow me on Pinterest, you know I have started pinning again like crazy after a long break from Pinterest. I didn't purposely take a break, it just happened. I was so busy with everything I didn't really have time to do much. Well I have been back with a vengeance! I have mostly been pinning house stuff, to try to keep my mind of the stressful part of buying a house, I am trying to focus on the fun parts! So today I went to Lowes and bought some stuff and purchased some fabric online. What am I up to you ask? Two projects actually...

Project number one:

I am painting a credenza that we have been keeping in the garage for forever because it is an ugly stain.  I am going to use it as an entry way table, the color I chose is maybe a little more green than these. I actually took a slip cover in from my teal pillows and tried to match the color to it (since it is the color of my curtains also), the table won't be near the curtains at all but it will pull the color across the room and tie things in nicely. I have been DYING for a teal piece of furniture. I am sure most of you think that is pretty darn strange, but I am a teal/aqua addict! LOVE IT! I am so excited to get started, hopefully I can do a good bit of it today and update you guys with some pics!

Project number 2:

Wall panels! I actually ordered the same fabric shown on the left and right, and then a few more for more options! I was going to buy the insulation board today but it was so big and I had both girls with me and wasn't about to lug it out with me on my own. I'll just wait until the fabric comes and make Greg go with me and get it, since I can't really do much with it yet anyways. I plan on getting two candle sconces for the sides of them to make them a little more of an art piece, or just get the ones I already have back from my brother. I am sure he could care less if he has sconces or not! :)

So yep, I am pretty excited to do something productive. I'll update soon! 

To check these projects out for yourself, click away... :D

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