Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pregnancy Update!

I have been awful at updating with belly pics lately, or really about anything pregnancy related. Things have been going really well, haven't gained much weight yet and Greyson is kicking away like crazy. Last night he woke me up from a dead sleep, it felt like he was doing cartwheels in there, instead of being mad (I hate being woken up) I just laid there thinking about how this was my last pregnancy so after Greyson arrives I will never yet again feel the craziness and amazingness of having a baby flipping around in my belly! I swear it is the coolest thing about being pregnant. I just love it! Anyways I am sure you are over hearing about all that jazz so on to the pics!!

Gosh looking at these pics, makes me realize how much more I like my hair when it is straight haha! Anyways I think I was smallest with Addi, must be because she is/was so tiny?! Praying I don't end up with a 9 pounder this time. YIKES!


  1. you look so cute!! Greyson's bump definitely looks more like Aubrey! So glad the pregnancy is going well :)