Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Chunky Monkey.

Aubrey used to be the chunky monkey around these parts, but there is a new sheriff in town. Our little G-man has been packing on the lbs. He now weighs just as much (if not more) than Addi. He so far has really been following in his big sisters foot steps. He is a talker. He is already repeating like crazy. He can say, hi (with a southern accent, I for some odd reason say it like that to him when I am trying to pronunciate it clearly to him hahaha), Mama, Dada, hey, yeah, yay, yes, baba (bottle), Addi (I somehow knew this would be one of his first words hahaha), up, please (he's only said this once so it could be a fluke), and is currently working on uh-oh. He says the "uh" part then laughs hysterically, not really sure why uh-oh is so funny but to him it is hilarious. I am not really sure he knows what any of it means, but he says them.

Greyson is still NOT pulling up to standing. He pulls up to his knees, but that is it. He doesn't seem to care either about even attempting to walk. I hold his hands and he will take steps but he is over it after 5 steps and then just goes limp. He is just content doing things his ways, and I am really not going to rush him. I am actually not looking forward to him walking, I want him to stay my cuddly chunky baby and as soon as he is walking that will all be over. Goodness I don't even know how life will be without having at least one itty bitty baby. I am not sure I want to know either. I really should of spread my kids out more. I am going to miss having babies. I am just hoping one of my sister in laws gets pregnant soon and then I can just steal their babies for a bit, all the fun none of the sleepless nights! Sounds AH-mazing! Wow, way to get WAY off subject Mel.

Sorry for the rambling.

Back to my little G-man. I have officially started planning his FIRST birthday party and I can't even believe a year has gone by. It feels like yesterday I was heading home from the hospital with him in tow, and now he is turning one. I know every Mom begs for time to slow down and I for one have done it more times than I can count, but goodness I don't know how else to explain how it feels. Once kids come, time just speeds up like you wouldn't believe. Time just HAS to slow down.

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