Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reading makes me angry.

For as long as I can remember reading has always made me very angry. I know that sounds nuts but it does. Since having Aubrey three and a half years ago I gave it up completely. Before that I was reading every chance I got. I'm the type that the more I read, the more and more I want to read. I CAN NOT be interrupted while reading or I am a pissy mess. That's where the anger comes in. When I start a book, I never want to put it down not even for a second, with the exception of the second Twilight book. I read that while on bedrest after IVF and I threw it on the ground over and over again each time Id decide to give it another try and ask Greg to retrieve it off the floor, just to throw it right back down there. It was such an annoyingly predictable book, I just couldn't take it. All other books though I want to just lay around and read every last word, and when that's not possible I become really angry and irratible. So I had made a decision that I would stop reading once Aubrey was born because I never wanted to become angry at her for cutting my reading short. It sounds awful but I know myself, and I'm not an angry person by nature (at least I don't think I am), but mess with my reading time and I'm pissed. So that brings us to last week. I was watching a movie that is also a book and I was thinking about how much better books are than movies (don't tell Greg I said that, he loooooves movies). It made me really miss reading. I decided it was time to allow myself some limited reading time. An hour a day. So I'm back to reading and I'm cutting myself off before anyone else can, so far it's working (although yesterday I snuck in an extra hour before bedtime). I am loving reading again and am hoping to keep it under control. Goodness, it sounds awful when I put it that way. Oh well, it is what it is. :)

If anyone has any reading recommendations I'd be more than happy to hear them (I'm just not one for books with a lot of killing).


  1. Kayla and some of the Melbourne people just started a book club. We read "The Thirteenth Tale" last month ish and it was pretty good. Next i think we are reading "Inferno" by Dan Brown.

    Love reading. Books are ALWAYS better than the movie :) And I LOVE movies too :) Sometimes it's better for me to see the movie first because then I won't be disappointed that the movie wasn't as good as the book and I'll still like the book better, LOL

  2. You know summer is my beach reading season :) I fell in LOVE with the book "Gone Girl" - and Reese Witherspoon/Ben Affleck are set to star in it if that helps haha. It's not lovey dovey but it was definitely interesting. John Patterson's new one "Second Honeymoon" was so good I read it in one weekend...I'll have to look at my Kindle for more recs :)