Friday, October 11, 2013

Surgery again.

So we just found out that Addison has a couple more surgeries in her immediate future. It has been a rough week. We have had appointments four days this week (at least one was mine). Appointments on there own are exhausting, having three kids in tow even more exhausting, finding out your daughter has to have surgery... beyond exhausting.

It was a whirlwind of information so I am not even completely sure I have digested it, or know exactly the in's and out's of whats going on. We have gone to see two ENT's this week. Greg and I had thought that she was having issues hearing and that it was what has been delaying her speech. Come to find out we were right she isn't hearing well, but that she also has a lot of other issues in her mouth and throat that go beyond the soft cleft (which she has already had surgery to fix) that are inhibiting her speech and causing other issues. So surgery is schedule for the beginning on November, they are going to fix a few issues and get a better look at what other issues will need to be fixed at a future date.

Greg had come to the appointment for as long as he could but had a meeting that he couldn't missed, of course it happened to be the time where I found out everything. So while I am being told all this I was alone with all three kids... when Greyson wasn't trying to wiggle free from me he was talking his little head off, Addi and Aubrey were fighting over toys, and as always Aubrey was asking a million questions, all while I am trying to digest all the information that is being thrown at me.I was overwhelmed to say the least. I have to say the doctor was amazing, he took the time to really listen to our concerns, took a really close look at Addi, was so sweet to all the kids and even called a nurse in to help me. I was so drained, but was proud of myself for keeping it together and not crying in front of the doctor (Greg was shocked that I didn't cry). Just spent the rest of the day doing that. Fun times.

So yep. Here we go again.

P.S. Please keep Addi in your thoughts and prayer, my poor baby girl has been through so much.

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  1. Aww poor Addi! Hopefully everything will go smoothly and help get her back on track!