Thursday, November 14, 2013

Have you ever? (warning venting post)

Have you ever had one of those days where everything that could go wrong, does? Well that has been my WHOLE week thus far. I am running low on patience, energy, brain power, on pretty much everything. It got so bad today when I realized we were going to miss karate, which I had very much been looking forward to seeing Aubrey do (she was beyond excited about it). I called Greg crying about how I just can't do it anymore. I feel like I am trying so hard and nothing is going right.

I have been trying to get to the grocery store for FOUR days. How is it possible that I have not been able to make it? We have NO food at home right now, its ridiculous. The only thing we have any of is milk, I kid you not. We are busy but really are we THAT busy? We finally made it to Target today just to pick up stuff to make a quick dinner tonight and to get dresses for the girls, for family pictures this weekend. I already knew exactly which ones. I was just running in because we had to be at karate. Lets just say I didn't have a single happy camper while we were there. Then I get to check out and the dresses that were on sale, did NOT ring up on sale. So I told the cashier nicely and she got so rude and told me I was wrong. I stood my ground (of course with my kids crying, fighting, and screaming the. entire. time.), and it cost me 20 minutes. 20 minutes I did not have. I got my $14 dollars though, so wooptie-doo.

Just a few other fun things that have happened just today alone (the rest of the week was just as bad but like I said I am running low on brain power), broke my favorite large hurricane candle holder into a million pieces, spilled rice all over my floor (not sure if you have ever tried sweeping up a bunch of sticky rice, not fun.), lost Addi's shoe while leaving target, she was flailing around while I was holding her hand refusing to put her feet on the ground (I of course realized it after I got two of the kids in their car seats), went to the garage to unsuccessfully hunt down my extra hair straightener for this weekends pics (left mine in Melbourne) and when I came back my couch was COVERED in blue crayon which made me almost late picking up Aubrey from school (and I like to be early), hit Aubrey's head on the car door while she was trying to get in the car (accidentally, of course) a meltdown ensued, Aubrey kept saying "Oh my GOD" over and over again (which she knows upsets me) and I asked her repeatedly not to say, and she just gave me attitude and told me she can say what she wants to say and I needed to just leave her alone (oh and her newest thing is telling me "that's not fair at all" and that "I don't know nuffin" if I try to ask her questions, both with full on attitude. She said she learned it from a friend from school, fun stuff.). I guess the hardest thing about this week is on top of my two oldest not behaving Greyson has been a grump, and is throwing major tantrums. I can deal with one or two kids misbehaving or being cranky but to have all three at the same time, its just TOO much. I love my kids more than anything but sometime it's really overwhelming.

I need a break.

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