Monday, November 11, 2013

Speech Going Down Down Down Downnnnn...

So you know how I posted about Addi's speech taking off. Well it really did, the first two days after surgery she was talking great. Then on Saturday she was acting off all day and not talking much or clearly. I was just so confused. I kept calling her Zombi Addi. She was just out of it. I took her temp that night, she hadn't felt warm to me all day, but I just couldn't figure out what was going on. She ended up having a high temp, so we called the doctor and they said to watch it. The next day her temp was not as high, but still not normal and she is sooooo mucusy. It sounds like it is all in her throat and she seems to be having a tough time sleeping because of it. Today she hasn't been any better, her words that before surgery were fairly clear are barley coming out. She isn't herself at all. Its so weird because you would of thought the hard days would of been right after surgery, but nope. They said she'd get stuffy and have mucus but I didn't know it'd be this bad.

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