Monday, February 10, 2014

Disney, here we come!

So after years of my begging and pleading, we are finally purchasing annual passes to Disney. I had pretty much wanted to get them the second Aubrey was born. I know, I know, I am nuts. I just always pictured taking my kids there. So the older Aubrey has gotten them harder I have tried to convince Greg we just HAD to go. We had some bumps along the way, like me being too pregnant or having a newborn, or like having to spend money going to Lego land instead of Disney, a little bit of a sore subject for me since I had finally convinced Greg that we should go but then we found out about the family Lego land trip and we couldn't say no. We were going to go for Addi's first Birthday. Greg didn't want to bring a child under 1 so if we didn't go then we'd have to wait until Gman was at least on. So after that it took a while but I had come up with a plan...

First things first: stop getting pregnant...check. Secondly: have a reason to go...check. Thirdly: make sure we don't buy tickets to any other parks for the year, check. Fourthly: Keep bringing it up until Greg is also convinced yet again that it is a good idea... check, check, checkkkkkk! 

So it worked out perfectly for this year... we decided to go for Aubrey's 4th Birthday instead of a party (there is my reason!), with her birthday being at the beginning of the year there is no way we would have a chance to buy tickets to any other parks (YAY!), and the not getting pregnant part, well that was easy! :P

Aubrey is so excited to "go to Princess Sofia's house" for her birthday. She can't wait! Her excitement get's me that much more excited! I hope she doesn't chicken out and actually meets Princess Sofia! You know that I am going to go picture CRAAAAZAYYY! We are hoping to try to make it there once a month after this trip even if it's just a day trip. I have so many good memories from there, mostly about food but still, I just remember how happy my family was and how everyone was in the best moods and we got to spend such amazing quality family time together. I hope its a much fun for my little family, and look forward to making so many more wonderful memories! 

So Disney, HERE WE COME (Saturday that is)! 

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