Friday, February 14, 2014

Growing up!

It has been a while since I have done an update on the kids (at least I think it has, I have like no memory so I could of written about this yesterday and have completely forgotten already). So I know you must be dying for an update, because I am sure you all love knowing what my kids are up to these days.

Aubrey is growing like a weed, she is tall for her age but not overly tall. She is around 75th percentile for both height and weight (maybe a little teensy bit higher for weight, but shhh). She was amazing at her 4 year appointment (pretty much what sparked this post). She did everything the doctors asked, and was so super serious the entire time. She acted like it was a test, which she loved. They checked her eye sight by having her say the shapes, so she thought they were quizzing her on her knowledge of shapes and she was smiling so big shouting them out.

Oh Man, I just can't believe she is four already.

She is loving school and learning a lot. She loves to be creative. Painting, crafting, drawing, making up stories and all that jazz. But most of all she loves to talk and sing. The girl never stops talking and she says words I didn't even know she knew and just acts like a grown up sometimes. She asked me today in the car "Mom aren't you proud of me for waiting so patiently to go to Disney?" and "Mom can we go to Grandma's ice cream place since I was so good at my appointment, I will help you take care of the kids, so please don't worry it will be ok." She just cracks me up, especially since she is being so serious about it. She is just smart as a whip. Man, I just adore that little girl!

This is a picture that Aubrey took of us this morning, she always asks to use the clicker to take our picture. Maybe a photographer in the making! :)
Addi has become so sweet. She still has her tantrums here and there, but nothing like before. She has been saying a lot more this last week, which is giving me hope. She is very stubborn so speech therapy is tough. She does not like when people tell her what to say or try to get her to repeat what they say. I am very happy with her internal vocab though, she understands so much more than she used to. I keep reminding myself that she has been through a lot and has only been hearing clearly for a very short amount of time, so I try to not expect it all to happen over night (I really have to remind myself of this daily, it's so hard).

I am hoping to start potty training in the next few months, now that she is starting to understand more. Aubrey was potty trained by this point but we started trying with her a lot earlier. I am wondering if I should start with Greyson too or not, get it all over with at once. That would be some craziness for sure! Addi is still my little peanut, so tiny and adorable (her speech therapist loves to remind me that Addi knows how cute she is and uses it to get out of talking). Every time I look at her I just want to scoop her up and give her the biggest hug! I remember when I was pregnant with her, I hoped (and vocalized many times) that I would have a little baby this time, since Aubrey was HUGE and did a number on me. I just wanted a baby I could carry without killing my back, and I definitely got that with Addi. Oh how I just love my tiny little munchkin. (Side note: While pregnant with Aubrey I hoped (and again vocalized many times) that she would have beautiful blue eyes, even though neither Greg or I had blue eyes and Bam I had the bluest eyed baby you'd ever see. Isn't that just crazy and a little freaky?!) 

Last but not least, Greyson! He is learning a new word almost daily (scaring me that he might be talking more than Addi soon). Right now his new favorites are "oh toodles", "spoo" (spoon), "shoe", "stop, "peeeaase" (please), "go" and "Moooooo". Looks like he is really into words with O's right now! It's crazy how much he understands. I feel like I am on a rollercoaster with these kiddos. First I have Aubrey who is so vocal and understands things so early on, to Addi who went through a lot and didn't really catch on until recently, to Greyson who is like Aubrey and just very aware and vocal. I knew kids would be different but geez, just when I adapt to one another throws me for a loop. Oops, got a little off subject... back to Gman. He is getting so big, growing tall and wide. It is crazy how he just took off. He has almost caught up to Addi in size (and already outweighs her). Let me just tell you my back is hurting every. single. night. He is such a sweet boy, but if he doesn't get what he wants, watch out! He thinks he is the funniest child in the world. He is constantly cracking himself up, usually by being up to no good. He is into everything but slow enough to stop, unlike hurricane Addi. He is such a mix of his sisters, it's crazy. He is always watching and listening like Aubrey, and has no fear like Addi. I just can't get enough of that little boy and his chunk!

Just looked back through my posts and I kind of did give a update for the new year. Yep, I am losing it. OH WELL!

Just re-read this post, man I am all over the place with my thoughts... must be this cold medicine. Yeah that sounds good, lets blame the cold medicine.

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