Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day!

This year was my best Mother's day yet! My other Mother's days have not always gone so well. Getting lost at TPC for what felt like days (back when they didn't allow cell phones), celebrating it weeks after the fact, and really just things not going as planned. This year things didn't really go as planned either, but in a wonderful way. We got to do so much more than we had planned on doing and the kids had a blast, which to me is the best gift EVER! Watching my kids have fun and be happy makes for a perfect day! I loved every second of my Mother's day.

Greg was AWESOME, when Addi was fussy he'd scoop her up and tickle or sing her into a better mood. I didn't change a SINGLE diaper, which that in itself is AMAZING! Greyson also said his first three word sentence, he has said little sentences like... "Hi Dada!", "Thank you.", "Love you", "Go Bye Bye", "Shoes on", "Show please.". That kind of stuff, basically just connecting two words. So I felt like when he said "I did it!" it was such a neat thing! Plus what a positive first sentence to have! Greyson surprises me every day with what he knows. I can tell him to do something and he knows exactly what I am saying and does it. Which is something I struggle with with Addi. But I have great news on that front too, Addi is understand and talking A TON more than she was. We have a long ways to go but, she has made huge strides in her communication. I am hoping this is the turning point that I have been waiting for and things will only get better from here on out!

Sorry got a little sidetracked there. Back to Mother's Day...

The kids got me a card, flowers, and a balloon and gave it to me on Friday before we left for Disney. While at Disney Aubrey said we needed to go to one of the shops so she could get me a Mothers Day gift. Greg reminded her that she already did. She then said "No I didn't Dad, you got her that and pretended it was from us." I died laughing, you have to appreciate the honesty that kids have. I just love it. She also was randomly wrapping up things from her room all week long as Mother's Day presents to me. Reminded me of my youngest brother, he loved wrapping up his toy cars and giving them to my Mom as gifts, sometimes he even wrapped up things that already belonged to the person he was gifting it to. He always kept us laughing (and still keeps us laughing now). I just had to ask Aubrey if she had been getting these idea's from her uncle. She swears she didn't.

So yep, I had a great Mother's Day and I hope all of you wonderful Mother's out there did too! :)

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