Sunday, May 18, 2014

Some "us" time!

I am so excited, on Thursday Greg and I are going on a cruise with two of our closest friends. This will be our first time leaving all three kids for an extended time. I am a tad nervous, just because I am a worrier by nature, but my excitement is definitely overshadowing that! We are so lucky to have great family that are willing to watch three young kids, believe me its no easy feat. Whenever I have had a tough day lately, I would just imagine myself on the ship hanging out by the pool, pina colada in hand, quietly relaxing (let's be real, I will probably be non-stop talking, I'm horrible at relaxing, which anyone who has laid out with me before knows.)! I know I am going to miss them like crazy, but this is a MUCH need vacay! It's nice for Greg and I to have some us time and to really just let loose and have some fun! CAN. NOT. WAIT...

Only a few more days, and I will be sailing away! :) Oops, I meant "we" will be sailing away!

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