Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Slow down and appreciate the little things...

I was sitting on the floor and Aubrey climbed into my lap and rested her head on me and cuddled in! I just sat there thinking of how amazing the moment was. I thought about the future when she may want nothing to do with me, and squeezed her a little tighter. I thought about if I could give birth to 1 year olds, I might be like my Mom and have five kids. I thought about how I couldn't wait for Addison to be big enough to join in on the cuddles. Then I stopped thinking and just enjoyed! I can't tell you how much I love my babies, and when they give me a hug, kiss, smile, or laugh, it makes my world.

I know that I tend to joke or complain (I hate calling it that, but I guess that is what it is) about how tough it is being a Mom, about being exhausted, and about how being a Mom is a full time job. I sometimes get caught up in the difficulties of being a Mom. I don't in my everyday life go on an on about everything I love about being a Mom or about how much I love my girls. Then I read things like I read today and I feel awful for uttering even just one negative thing about being a Mom. I read a Mother's CaringBridge page, she had just lost her baby boy. His dresser fell on him (guessing he was climbing it) and he ended up face down underneath it. I cried so much and just sat there in disbelief of how quickly things can change.

I truly love the moments where I get to slow down and just enjoy. Where all the stresses of the day or the tantrums that were thrown earlier, just melt away. I need to make sure I do it more. I love my girls more than life itself, and just can't believe how lucky I am to have them in my life.

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