Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Things don't always go as planned...

But that is not necessarily a bad thing!

I had been dying to take Aubrey to SeaWorld! She is so into animals and is loving learning about new things! I just knew that seeing... dolphins, whales, sea lions, and so much more, would be so awesome for her! 

Finally Greg agreed to going, and our friends Emily and Daniel and their adorable son Logan were joining! The weather leading up to our adventure was gorgeous, it had cooled down considerably. I was so excited!

Finally the day arrived and it was the most intense stormy day we have had all year. We decided to suck it up and stick with our plan. We bought the kids ponchos, that were way too big. They looked adorable though!
The kids loved the rain they decided to stick their heads in the run off of a covering. It was so fun to watch them being silly!
Emily and I almost got blown away a few times, had our ponchos plastered to our thighs, and our sandals were slipping everywhere. It was quite hilarious! We had a blast, not in the same way we would of if the weather had been perfect, but it was definitely an unforgettable day!
We did it all again the next day, we put on our already soaked poncho's and braved the storm. Finally around 11:00 the raining stopped. We were so afraid to jinx it so we kept our ponchos on for a good bit. We got to see two shows, which the kids loved and I am pretty sure we all enjoyed just as much. Not as much for the show, but just getting to watch the excitement on the kids faces! 
When I had imagined our trip to Seaworld it turned out nothing like I had envisioned or planned. But it was a wonderful weekend... we were cold, we were wet, and we were having a blast!!

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