Thursday, April 18, 2013

Addi's Agenda.

We took Addi to the speech therapist this week. I have been very worried about her speech for sometime now. I was shocked that the speech therapist seemed to think she wasn't all that far behind. With Addi not being able to hear until being over a year old, I thought for sure she was WAY behind. I know that I'm overly paranoid about things at times, it boils down to my needless worrying. The therapist thought that our main issue is "Addi's agenda". Basically she went on to say that Addi is very strong-willed and does what Addi wants. Getting her to stay still enough to learn and do what we want her to learn/do is going to be really tough. She gave us some good tips on ways to integrate learning into things Addi is interested in (umm... is it really possible to integrate animals sounds into Addi's interest... destroying my house, and bouncing off the walls?). Lol!

The therapist spent about an hour and a half with us, and commented more than once on how busy Addi was, and how exhausted I must be. Addie literally didn't stay still for even a second, as usual. All and all I'm really glad we went. I'm a little less stressed about her speech than I was before. Lately she really has been learning to say new words each week and understanding more every day. I really just need to relax and stop comparing what she is doing to what Aubrey was doing at her age. Something I'm obviously struggling to do. :/


  1. Would love to hear the tips she shared. Cannon still isn't talking too and he is obsessed with tractor and animals too. Funny!

    I didn't know Addie had hearing problems. She is so adorable!! All your kids are! :) just think....when all your friends have teenagers you'll be relaxing because you've already been through that!

    1. Kate- Basically she said to try to set aside time each day to work on things with Addi. She wants us to put her in her highchair so that maybe she will focus more. Then we get something she likes (like bubbles) and play with those for a little and try to get her to repeat a work or sound, then try to read a page in a book, then more bubbles, then show her something and try to get her to say the first sound of it, then if she does that try to get her to say the word. All the while not using the phrase "can you say" or "say ______". Which is SO hard to do. I have been trying to say "Use your words" more. Gosh I hope it helps. I don't want to be an over worrier, but I watched video's of Aubrey from her age and she was counting, saying her abc's, naming body parts, knew her colors, etc. Addi isn't even in the realm of knowing what a color even is. I'm not expecting her to be just like Aubrey, I would just like her to talk period. :/