Thursday, September 27, 2012

We won a stroller!

I am a crazy contest enter-er, hmm there has to be a better way to word that but I have mush for a brain right now due to my lack of sleep as of late. Anyways what I mean is, I enter any contest or giveaway that comes my way. I don't really search them out but if they show up in my Facebook feed or email, I enter. Greg always makes fun of me for wasting my time on these giveaways, but it doesn't stop me from making him enter if it gets ME more entries. Am I sounding crazier by the second or what?

This giveaway was one of those where if your friends entered you got more entries for yourself. I never really expect to win and really NEVER expect for Greg to win, he's just a pawn to get me more entries hehehe. Greg is not what I would call lucky. Actually it's a known fact amongst his friends that if it comes down to luck Greg pretty much always loses, but if it comes to skill and determination Greg most times comes out on top. So when Greg received an email from JJ Cole, he instantly thought it was fake. I told him not to delete it and to let me check their Facebook page and see if it maybe was real. When I went to their page, there it was in black and white. Gregory Moore won a stroller. Not just a cheap umbrella stroller either, a fancy stroller ( with an extra canopy and a bundle me!

Now if you know me, you know that I have two baby gear obsessions. One is diaper bags, and the other is strollers. I have had 8 or so different strollers in the past two and a half years (since Aubrey was born). So yeah. Just a little stroller crazy. (Which reminds me I will be reviewing all the ones I have had very soon, hopefully!) Not only am I stroller obsessed, but Aubrey is even more so than me. She was so excited when she saw that we had yet another new stroller. She wanted to rip it open on the spot (I of course didn't get her initial reaction on video but here she is a little while later still asking to open it).

So if there was a contest that would be perfect for our family to win this would be it! A really fun and neat stroller. The only thing that kind of stinks is that we just purchased two new strollers this month. What are the chances??

Either way we are super excited to have won anything at all! Maybe Greg is luckier than we thought! :)

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