Thursday, October 20, 2011

This week...

Has had its ups and downs. The beginning started of really rough. Greg and I had a tiff that started Sunday and lasted until lunch time Tuesday. Well I guess if I am being completely honest it was a little more than a tiff. Greg and I don't fight often, so when we do it kind of gets blown out of proportion. I am really glad it happened though, because I feel like there is so much less tension and we both got to say our point of views. The last time we had a fight like this was probably after Aubrey was born, I think we just have an ajustment period and because we don't fight often we keep things in and it just now finally played out. When things aren't good with Greg and I, I become a little withdrawn. I actually didn't leave the house at all on Tuesday. Which for me is just plain CRAZY!

So after we got all that sorted out, I had two great days. Wednesday I went to Joann's and got paints and brushes to paint a Minnie and Daisy drawing I did for Aubrey. Then met Greg for lunch and heading to Addison's theraphy appointments. Which you would think appointments would be awful, but these ones went great. They were really busy so we got to go the biggest room, that had a ball pit, trampoline, mats, and tons of toys. It was like MyGym but FREE and Aubrey had free reign of it and had a blast. Addison did great too, she was showing off all of her rolling and head control and she was playing with all the toys like a pro!

Today was even better! Aubrey went bowling for the first time, and she loved it! I love love love to bowl, and so I hope Aubrey will love it as much as me and then we can get matching balls with our names engraved in them, matching outfits, matching shoes, and join a Mother-Daughter league... hehehe had you worried there for a sec. No but really I would love for us to be able to bowl together as she grows up! After that we grabbed a quick lunch with "Nonan" (that's how Aubrey is saying Logan these days) and Emily. Then when I got home, it was just too freaking pretty to go inside so we took a walk to the playground and just enjoyed the amazing weather we are having!

So what started out as a crap week, is turning into a pretty great one!!

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