Friday, October 21, 2011

Time for Solids!!

I have been putting off starting solids with Addison. We started really early with Aubrey because she was so big and the doctors hoped it would help keep her full longer and try to have her cut back on breastfeeding a little. She was quite the little nurser back then.

Addison is much smaller and not really as frequent of an eater as Aubrey was. So I thought I would hold off until 6 months. The speech therapist after Addison's heart surgery told us we should start as soon as she is old enough, which is 3 months. I just blew her off, because I just wasn't ready. Well then Addison's Pediatrician said the same thing, then her speech therapist said the same thing, and then speech therapist that works with our ENT said the same thing. I guess because of her soft cleft palate they want us to start her earlier than the norm. First because she needs to get used to different textures, and most importantly because she spits up so much (out her nose, due to the issue with the soft cleft palate). The hope is the solids will weigh it down and she won't spit up as much. They also want to change her to prevacid, since it is stronger than Zantac. I think the spit up is doing a number on her. Poor Addison.

So on Tuesday after getting the call from the 4th Doctor suggesting we start solids, we started solids. We had all the stuff for a while now, I just couldn't pull the trigger. So her is my itty bitty baby eating solids!! We are going to try a green veggie tonight! Wish me luck!!
She didn't really like it...
but being the amazing baby she is, she still ate it!

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