Thursday, May 17, 2012


Greg and I have so much to do. We have to have everything out of here by the 29th and we have yet to really start packing anything up. The Pod will be delivered on Friday so I guess that's when we will start packing things up. Even just the thought of packing exhausts me. I would be more excited about it if it meant we were moving into a new house. Living in limbo is going to be a little tough.

We have been spending most of our free time looking at houses. Still leaning towards building. Which makes me so nervous. We are going to have to go back and look at other builders that we had visited before we were considering building. The search will most likely be put on hold until after we move and after Addi's Birthday party.

Speaking of Addi's Birthday...I still can't believe Addi is going to be ONE! I made really quick decisions for her party, unlike Aubreys which I spent months planning. It's not that I care less, it's just that I realize how unimportant some of the things I spent time and money on were. So I just simplified. Knowing that I will have three Birthday's a year to plan (pretty much one every 4 months), made me realize I had to make it easier and not go overboard on things that people don't even notice, or that don't really matter. Hopefully it will be just as nice and no one will be the wiser that I didn't spend a bunch of time planning it (well those who don't read my blog that is.).

So in other Addi news, she took a few steps the other day, but really hasn't since. She just loves to lunge at me when I try to get her to walk to me. She thinks it is so funny. She is also getting her two front teeth, which didn't seem to affect her until yesterday. She was so warm and pissy yesterday afternoon. Then she cried on and off all night. Poor baby. Addi had her Cardiologist appointment last week (which I posted about), she hadn't gained any weight since her 9 month appointment (over two months ago), so I am guessing we will be getting an ear full about that at her 1 year appointment.

I haven't had time lately to do any belly shots, but I feel my bump has stalled a bit in the growth department. I will see if I can get a pic soon!

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  1. I think it's awesome that you realize how the party side of a birthday doesn't really matter and that you are embracing the celebration more. :) Life truly is too short and "things" don't matter. Hope you guys have fun at her party and good luck picking a builder. Not sure if you saw but I just shared our exciting news about building and there are lots of small things that I had them do that will make a huge impact. IE insulation around the kids rooms to keep it quiet in there. :)