Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Moving on.

Greg and I have made some crazy decisions lately. We had planned on staying in the house we are currently renting for another year and then buying after that. Well that went out the window. Greg had been looking around at houses and was getting eager to just move on and buy. I on the other hand didn't feel like we were prepared enough to buy, savings wise and time wise. We literally have one month left on our lease and deciding to buy a house now gives us no time to do so before not having a place to live. This has been a HUGE roll reversal, Greg is usually the one who is logical and patient and I am the eager beaver that convinces him we need to do something rash.

So here come the decisions...

Decision #1-We are going to try to buy in the next 3-6 months, if we can find a place that quickly. So where does that leave us?? Out on the street. Just kidding!!

Decision #2- We are going to move in with my parents in the meantime. We both get along really well with my parents so I am not too worried about that. My only issue is I really dislike Palm Coast. I don't really even like visiting there. I just get a pit in my stomach while I am there, not really sure why. Guess it's just a hometown thing. So Greg and I came to an agreement that I was still able to keep my same (or maybe a little less) social schedule with meetups and playdates, with how much we are saving in not paying rent we can spend a little extra on gas. I am nervous about it, but in the end it is what will work best for the family. We are tired of moving the girls around each year and really want to settle in one area and stay!

Decision #3- What to do with all of our stuff?? This one is not really as important as our first two, but still something we need to figure out. We have a ton to do since we weren't planning on moving. I usually like to slowly start packing things up a couple months before a move, so I am feeling way behind. We will have to put all of our furniture and stuff into storage or sell it. Which is also time consuming. We are going to go with a Pod type storage since it's temporary, that way we don't have to rent a truck, unload it and then when we move rent another truck and reload it and then unload again at the new house. We will just load it up, it will sit on the storage lot, then have them drop it off at the new house.

So yep that's, that! I am nervous for so many reasons. I am only about 5 months away from my due date. I will freak if we aren't in our own house by then. I really don't want to be an hour away from the hospital when I go into labor (especially since I was already at 8 by the time I was admitted last time and I was only 5 minutes away), and really would like to be settled in before having a newborn to take care of. I am sure you all think we are beyond crazy, which I am pretty sure most of you already thought after finding out about us expecting our third baby so quickly. Don't worry I have never taken offense to being called crazy, I just think it means we keep life interesting! :D

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