Monday, April 30, 2012

19 Weeks!

I am still not feeling too much movement, only here and there. I am waiting patiently, well trying to at least.

I am still waiting to get my energy back. This pregnancy is making me a homebody, which is just crazy for me. I am just having a tough time mustering up the energy to get both girls ready and out of the house. I have a very short window of time to get out, Addi usually naps from 9:30 to 11:30, then both girls nap from 2-5. So if I let (yes I said let) Addi take her first nap then I rarely make it out of the house. Lately I just don't have the fight in me to have her skip it and to deal with whatever repercussions come my way for doing it. I am just so darn tired. Hopefully that will change soon, wishful thinking!

As for cravings, I am kind of over Cesar salads. I think I ate too many of them. I still am craving salad though, but now more Greek or Antipasto's! I having been buying kalamata olives just to eat as a snack, so yummy and I usually follow them with some strawberries. I like to eat something salty and then something sweet, always have though! I have been craving Malta, which I don't think I have mentioned before (or maybe I have but I have a two second memory, as most of you know) but I have from the get go.

So that is pretty much it! I am going to have Greg take a 19 week photo in just a sec so I can show you all my belly (and give you my previous 19 week photo's to compare)!


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