Friday, May 31, 2013

A Special Bond.

I don't know what else to call it, other than a "special bond". I feel like Aubrey and my Mom are inseparable when they are together. It's not that my Mom favors her or anything like that. It is more like Aubrey favors her. Even over her me, her own Mama. It has been this way from the moment she was born. Well not the actual moment, but you know what I mean. I have previously mentioned (many times, I'm sure) how Aubrey was a bit of a crier when she was a newborn. The only two people she would allow to hold her without screaming bloody murder, was me and my Mom. Not even Greg made it onto her very short list of people she liked. (Shhh... don't tell him I said that.) An example of how much Aubrey loves her Grandmas... Greg and I went on a cruise before Addi was born and my parents watched Aubrey while we were gone. When we got back I went to pick Aubrey up the second we returned. I had missed her terribly. I remember this part like it was yesterday. I got to my parents house and my Mom met me outside, I put my arms out for Aubrey and she clung to my Mom screaming. She did NOT want to come to me. I was really heartbroken. How had she not missed me? I couldn't pry Aubrey off her. Eventually my Mom had to just put her in her car seat and we left. Aubrey cried the ENTIRE way home (an hour drive). It took her half a day to like me again.

Aubrey has always just adored my Mom, and my Mom truly adores her just as much. They talk daily. Facetime to be exact, because going a day without "seeing" Grandma is NOT and option. When my parents go away on vacation she asks everyday when Grandma will be back. My Mom also has such a soft spot for Aubrey too. She will do anything for that little girl. Not that she wouldn't for any other Grandchild, but it's just different. They are like kindred spirits or something. There is just no good way to describe it. They just have a "special bond".

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