Thursday, May 23, 2013

I made it!

By this time with each of my girls I was pregnant again. I had a 7 month old the first time I found out I was pregnant again, and a 6 month old the second time I found out I was pregnant again. I feel like I have accomplished something just by making it past that with Greyson! He is now 8 months and I am happy to say I am NOT pregnant! WOOO HOOO! I know it sounds crazy that I am so overly excited about this, but I feel like I have crossed a threshold, I have made it longer than I ever have not being pregnant (since starting to have kids). Even though I have an IUD, I had this huge fear that I would somehow be SO fertile that not even birth control could stop it from happening. I mean going from being told we would never conceive naturally to banging out kids every 15-16 months can scare a person into not believing a darn thing. 

So I haven't really updated you all on how having three kids 3 and under (still miss saying "under 3") is going. It is going well so far, but I fear the worst is yet to come. Greyson is an AWESOME baby, for those who have met him you know what I am talking about. He is just sweet, laid back, a go with the flow type. Those were all words I used to describe Addi too before she was mobile. Let me point out though Addi had ALREADY been mobile for a month or two by this point. So the fact that he is very content not crawling gives me hope that maybe he will stay sweet and calm. Aubrey never had the desire to move, she loved just sitting and playing all day, which is similar to Greyson will a little more rolling across the room thrown in. I really believe he may be a mix of the two girls, which would be fantastic! So yeah. Back to my point. Life with three babies hasn't been too hard, yet. I am waiting for it. You may not see me for a while if it does get as crazy as I suspect it might. I might be in a padded room with a straight jacket on, sitting in a corner rocking back and forth mumbling to myself . I can just see it now. Greg has already called it. So I am pretty sure that is where I am headed. LOL!

For now though, I am loving having three, I am loving the craziness (most times), and I just adore all my babies. I mean who wouldn't, look at these adorable kiddos...

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