Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It seems like doctor appointments have taken over our lives. We have had around four a week since Addison came home from the NICU. Today I found myself wanting to call and cancel. It just gets overwhelming at times.

I feel like a lot of the burden... wait no, that's not a good word... hmmm...

I feel like a lot of the responsibility (much better) and stress falls on me. Greg is amazing, but he can't make all the appointments. It's a lot to handle on my own, emotionally.

Today though, was actually a positive experience. The Speech Therapist was impressed with the improvement Addison had made. Which to tell you the truth shocked me a bit. Mostly because I did absolutely nothing to change the way she was eating. She had given me a special bottle, which I didn't us. She had told me to add rice cereal to my breast milk, which upset Addison's stomach, so I didn't do it. So I am not sure where her improvement came from? Oh well, I liked that we were finally hearing positive things! A person can only take so much negative news.

The Occupational Therapist was also impressed with Addison's skills. Yep, my baby's got skills! She was so active for her, kicking, rolling, and even focusing on toys. The therapist told me I was doing a good job. So nice to hear. Want to know the way she could tell I was doing so well? Because my baby's got such a nice round noggin, no missing patches of hair!! So not only does Addison have skills, but she's got a nice looking head! Yep, I am a good Mom (patting myself on the back as I type)! So all in all having appointments today wasn't half bad. Tomorrow, now that may be a different story...

Showing off her skills. Look, no hands!  

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