Friday, March 30, 2012

Getting nervous.

Sunday is just around the corner and now I am getting so overly nervous about finding out the gender. I have been having crazy dreams about it and not sleeping well. Most dreams have been about finding out it's not a boy. I think I have such great anxiety over it because Greg is so sure it's a boy and I really don't want him to be disappointed.

I am trying to keep my mind off of it. Tomorrow we decided to go to SeaWorld! I am so excited, and I know I will definitely be too busy having fun to think about finding out the gender. I hope it is pretty tomorrow, last time we went it rained both days. We still had a blast, but I would l ove to be dry and warm and experience the park! I can't wait to see how much more Aubrey notices this time around! She is going to love it!

Quick pregnancy update! I have started to feel little movements, but it's not definite enough to call it, but I swear I see my belly moving sometimes. Aubrey has been obsessed with my belly lately. She lays on it and puts cream on it. I told her the other day that there was a baby in there and she pointed at my belly and said "Mama's belly baby!", pretty sure she didn't grasp it. I do think she notices it's getting bigger though, since she is giving it so much attention. So a craving I haven't mentioned (at least I think I haven't) is my obsession with Caesar salads, I guess I didn't realize it was a craving until I noticed I was eating it for EVERY meal (sometimes even breakfast). So far my cravings have been so much healthier this go around. With the girls I ate ice cream for every single meal (again even for breakfast), so I will happily take salad over that! Also, I am carrying much higher this time all my jeans still fit and are even loose, usually by now I am using a hair thing to keep my pants up and debating on whether I should switch to maternity pants. I am loving still being able to wear my regular clothes!

So I think that's about all for now! I realize my posts have become less focused lately. I am kind of jamming lots of different stuff into one. Maybe its from exhaustion, but I promise I will become more focused again (and do separate posts for separate topics), hopefully!


  1. Good luck on your gender scan Sunday! I'm sure if they told you boy earlier it really is a boy!!

  2. Hope it went well! :) I am so proud of you for keeping up your blog, your so good about posting. :)

  3. Aww thanks Kate, I'm so glad I started it!