Monday, March 26, 2012


This is probably going to be the most random post. I really should be getting Aubrey dressed for the day but I don't feel like doing it yet, and she is happily playing so I am sneaking in a post.

I am so tired from this weekends festivities. My butt is usually in bed by 8 these days, and this weekend I was up way past 8. On top of that we had Aubrey in the hotel room with us. We brought the pack and play but the room set up was not very conducive for having it set up. We basically had to put her in the bathroom area, and we were sharing a room with Ryan and Ashley so whenever they came up to go to bed they would not be able to use the bathroom area to get ready for bed. Greg thought I should try to keep Aubrey in bed with me until they all came up to get ready for bed. Aubrey has not slept in our bed with us since she was a newborn, and even then it was a very rare occasion. She is not used to it at all. She is such a chatter box at night. She kept talking to me, telling me everything she heard, saw, and anything that randomly popped into her mind. I was exhausted, and my response to everything was "night-night". Finally about and hour or more into trying to sleep we both passed out. I was so tensely sleeping and trying not to move a muscle, there is no way I could go through all the effort of trying to get her to go to sleep again, so I was not risking moving. Needless to say it was PAINFUL.

Greg finally came to bed and Aubrey of course was taking up the whole bed, he tried to squeeze in but it didn't go well. Finally Ryan and Ashley came to bed too, so Greg took that as his chance to move Aubrey to her pack and play. I thought we were finally going to get some sleep. NOPE. The rest of the night we got to listen to sirens, loud trucks, loud talking, and loud music. The walls were paper thin. It was awful. The second night was just as bad, Aubrey woke up with every loud noise asking what it was, or talking about random things (I think she might of been talking in her sleep, she was apologizing repeatedly to a turtle, and asking it if it was okay), or waking up saying "NO NO NO NO....". So yeah... I did not get much sleep.

So a few weeks ago Greg found out he is going to New York for two weeks for work. I am not really all that happy about it. His work set it up to be during Easter weekend, so Greg will be gone and not be here to celebrate with the girls. Which really upsets me.

I really don't know how I am going to function, I still am not over the morning sickness phase even though I am 14 weeks, I am still always exhausted. I count down the seconds each day until Greg will arrive home and I can take a break. I really don't know how others do it with their husbands out of town. He is leaving this Sunday right after our ultrasound, so I am so excited about Sunday coming, but at the same time dreading it.

I was going to write about more but I just don't have the energy, and I really do need to get Aubrey dressed before Addi is up from her nap. We have so many errands to run since we were gone all weekend. Wish me luck (errands haven't been going so well lately)!


  1. Aww sorry to hear he will be out of town. Bryan has been out of town for 3 weeks came home for a few days and is gone again so I feel for you especially having two little ones to take care of. If you need anything, let me know! Yay, not much longer until we find out what we're having :)

  2. Thanks Nicole! Did you set up an appointment?? When are you finding out?! :)

  3. Oh no!! I know how rough it is taking care of the kiddos alone :( if you want a break, come visit!! I've got a guest room and space for the girls :) but hurray for another ultrasound! Where did you guys stay in Tally?? That sucks!