Friday, March 16, 2012


We went for our first screen ultrasound. It was seriously the best ultrasound I have ever gotten, even better than the 3D. The tech took her time and showed us everything and we could actually see what she was talking about, which has never really happened for us in a regular ultrasound before. I guess the machines at the office I go to aren't very nice, we could never make out what the tech would be showing us. We were always so lost, but just said "oh yeah, how neat.". Everything looked great, they were very happy with our little one, who by the way she said was so cooperative!

We set up to have our anatomy scan there on April 19th, so I am hoping she takes just as much time measuring and showing us everything. Then we will have another at 22 weeks to check the heart, just to be sure. I guess that is the soonest they can get really clear pictures of it. This little baby is going to have a heck of a lot of pictures before he/she is even born!

Speaking of "he/she", the tech and doctor also told us they though we were having a BOY. They actually didn't even confer about it, they both just separately told us that. The doctor just walked in the room after we finished up, and started looking at the ultrasound before the tech even said a word and she was like "Wow looks like we have a boy on our hands!". So fingers crossed they both are right! Greg is so positive it is a boy that he won't even consider the possibility of a girl. I so hope it is a boy, I know it would make him SO happy and every Dad deserves a little boy, if you ask me! So here is a few ultrasound pics for you all to check out!!

The nub shot! Really she was taking a picture of the back bone, but she got a little nub in there. I wish I had asked her to take a picture of it when she zoomed in. 
This one creeps me out a little, very alien like. 

Rubbing his/her face!