Monday, February 25, 2013

Re-Re-RE-DO! (Some other projects too!)

Okay, so remember these lamps?? (Really how can you forget them, I have redone them a couple times. I feel like I have been trying to figure out what to do with them for FOREVER).
So I finally think I am happy with what I chose to do. Simple, not too frilly... What do you think?

I have been wanting to make magnetic hangings for the playroom for a while now. Mostly to use them to display all the kids lovely art! I had pinned a dollar store craft project on pinterest. Basically someone took a pan from the dollar store and covered it in fabric. I didn't really want it to be noticeable that I have a fabric covered pan on my walls, and the dollar store pans aren't huge. SO with a little quick thinking and by using things I happened to have on hand I made this...
Cost me about $3-4 dollars total (but I already had the fabric and canvas on hand). So really only spent $1!!
I am going to buy bulldog magnet clips, and add some bling to them! I just put this stuff on it to show off it's abilities! :)
I glued gunned the pan on the back of a canvas (I wanted the canvas to be larger because I didn't want a tiny little wall hanging. I really love it! I have two more to make, but of course I left all my crafting stuff in Addi's room and she is sleeping so I can't finish up, yet.
I over ordered the burlap and lace, which I am actually quite happy about. Now I get to adds little punches of color EVERYWHERE, lol! Here is a few things I started with...

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