Monday, April 2, 2012


So we had our ultrasound! Greg then headed to the airport. I'm so sad that he had to go. We didn't even get to celebrate finding out the gender of our little one.

The appointment went great though! My parents came up to join us. We went and got YoBe right before, so yummy and thought it might help give our little one some energy to move around a bit for a good shot! When we got in the office the lady was shocked that both girls were mine, mostly because she thought Addi was only 4 months old. She thought I got pregnant the month after having Addi, which thank goodness isn't the case. I have a feeling I may be getting a lot of that once I start to show, since Addi is so tiny and looks so young.

So we finally started the ultrasound (Greg recorded it, will add the video once I have access to a computer, Greg took it with him) and we looked at the heart beating, then listened to it. Heart rate was 158, as usual. Our little one was drinking away (must of loved the YoBe), then started to suck it's thumb. The tech switched to 4D so we could see it better (which was so nice since we only paid for 2D).

So FINALLY we got to the gender! I had thought I had saw a little something when she had switched over to the 4D but I was trying not to get my hopes up! Then my Mom mentioned she thought she had saw something too! Well we were right! Clear as day we saw BOY parts! The cord was right near it, so she turned on the blood flow detector (I'm sure there is a better wording fo that, but oh well) and we saw the cord turn blue and red and then saw his "package" right next to it! I'm still in shock, I just cant believe we will have a baby boy! Our family will truly be complete! I just couldn't be happier...

Well maybe just a bit happier, if Greg hadn't had to jet off to NY.

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