Monday, December 31, 2012


Is it really already New Years Eve? How is that possible?

This year has been one of the most exhausting years yet, I am pretty sure if I went back through all my post that every other post would start off with me saying how exhausted I am. If it doesn't say it, I was probably thinking it but didn't want to be TOO repetitive LOL!

All in all it has been a pretty awesome year as a whole, with some not so awesome mixed in. I got pregnant last New Years Eve (at least according to my EDD I did, crazy huh?!), Aubrey turned two and continued talking non-stop ever since, my best friend moved away, we started building a house (moving into that house has now become a 2013 event lol), Addi turned one and started walking, Greg and I celebrated our 5th wedding Anniversary, Addi had her last surgery for at least a while, and best of all my little love bug was born!!

Best day of 2012, our family was completed!!

 A lot less happened than I thought, I was ready to type out this long list of all the stuff that has happened but really it wasn't all that much I guess. Well, at least not a lot of stuff worth mentioning. But really it's that day to day that was awesome. I really love any time that I get to spend with my wonderful husband, sweet babies, amazing family, and awesome friends!! 

I really am looking forward to what 2013 has in store for my little family. We are hoping to hear good news about Greg's job come February and hopefully move into our house in March (Fingers crossed!)!

Anyways, I truly hope that 2013 is wonderful all of us!

Happy New Year! :)

Goodbye 2012! HELLO 2013! :D

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