Friday, December 14, 2012

Life with Three Under Three.

I was cuddling with Greyson today as I usually do. He is a super cuddly baby, makes me one happy Mama. As I was doing this I was thinking about how I never got to really snuggle with Addi. First off she didn't like snuggling, she always liked being in her rock and play more than in my arms. I really think it's because of her extended stay in the hospital immediately after she was born, that it became her norm and was just what she was used to. Secondly I didn't really have the time to, which brings me back to the point of my post. I was sitting there cuddling and thinking of how nice it was to have time to spend with him. You are probably wondering how I have time with my third child but not my second.

Well, it's pretty simple. Addi and Aubrey keep eachother company. So instead of it always having to be me playing with Aubrey or with Addi, they play together. Which leaves me with a little more time for a baby. When Addi was born Aubrey was still pretty dependent on me, even at home. I was constantly feeling torn between the girls. I didn't know who to tend to first, and unfortunately my attention usually went to the one demanding it, Aubrey. I feel like I missed a lot of the fun newborn stuff, so this time around I am enjoying every second of it. Greyson is so sweet, smiley, and vocal (which now makes me realize how little Addi must of been hearing, because she never really cooed or made many sounds). 

So to those people who say having three isn't any harder than having two and that going from one to two is harder than from two to three, I would have to agree. In public it is a little more trying, but at home it is, dare I say... easier.

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