Thursday, December 13, 2012

What a week. (may be a bit gross.)

I think I start off most posts these days saying how exhausted I am. I was just about to type "to say I am exhausted is and understatement" but then I thought gosh I really need to stop talking about how exhausted I am. Really though, I am SO exhausted hahaha!

This week has been a rough one. Addi played in Aubrey's pee yet again. For those that don't know about the first time, it was while Greg was at Ryan's bachelor weekend. I was feeding Greyson and all the sudden it was way too quiet. I yelled to Aubrey in the kitchen and asked what they were up to. Aubrey's response was "Addi is playing in my pee pee", I jumped up so fast and ran in the kitchen to find Addi slip sliding around in Aubrey's pee. Well this time Aubrey used the little potty and didn't tell me and next thing I know Addi is washing her arms with something. It was toilet paper soaked in pee that she had taken out of the potty. If you know me well, you know I am a helicopter Mom and don't let my kids out of my sight for very long EVER, but somehow in the few seconds I do Addi seems to get into EVERYTHING (mostly pee and poo these days lol!)

So that was Monday. Tuesday I had to go to the Doctor to get an IUD. Greg was supposed to get "fixed" but he then researched and decided it was too risky for him. So lucky me. So I got to deal with cramps all day long on top of this...

Greg's car broke down two weeks ago and I had to drive up to his car twice in one week (first to get him, second time to have his car towed since I have AAA and he doesn't.) Well since it had been TWO weeks I was getting a little frustrated that he still hadn't had time to fix it. He wanted to do it himself to save money, but with Greg when he wants to do things himself it never gets done in a timely fashion. Finally Monday I told him he had to take it somewhere to get it fixed. Well $460 later it is fixed, and I had a pissed off husband that is blaming me for not letting him fix it himself. That is only the beginning of the money "fun" that has come our way this week. We heard back about the house. They are going to hold it for us until March for a hefty monthly fee. Pretty much Greg and I can't eat, drive, or spend a cent until we move into the house. We truly considered walking away, but then found out we would lose our binder, which would be more than paying the monthly fee. So yep, we may be MIA until we move back to Jax. We might actually end up being gone for a month anyways, to Delaware. Greg's work possibly sending Greg there, so we would just join him since there is NO WAY he is leaving me with three kids for a whole month, I barely survived 5 days.

So now where was I, what day am I on? Oh yes, Wednesday. This is the only day since Greyson has been born that Greyson cried a ton. He was so upset all day. If I wasn't holding him he was crying and I was about ready to just cry with him. Finding out about the house the day before had wiped me out, and I was done holding it all together. Aubrey has also been in rare form lately. I really don't know what has come over her, but on Tuesday she hit Greg and Wednesday she hit me (right after she did it she looked so scared, like she hadn't even realized what she was doing until she had already done it). She has been spending a lot of time in time out this week. I really hope this phase passes quickly, because it is so unlike my normally sweet little girl.

So now onto today. I again was feeding Greyson and Addi was in the room with me but Aubrey had headed to the kitchen. Next thing I know I hear a loud crash. I called to Aubrey asking what happen and she said she spilled water. I for the life of me couldn't figure out what water she could of spilled. So yet again I go running into the kitchen. This time I found the fish bowl on the ground empty. No fish in sight. I freak out, searching for the fish. Finally I found it, still alive. My phone rings at that exact moment, and it's Greg. I ask him what I should do. He said to get the fish back into water asap. Then a second later I hear a beep and it's my Mom calling. I then had to explain to her that I couldn't talk because I was trying to rescue the fish. I am happy to say I rescued the fish. I had to chase it around with a spoon because it kept flopping away from me. This fish is amazing. My Mom had called me this past weekend while we were at Ryan and Ashley's wedding to inform me the fish was on it's last leg, "about to die any second". Well he made a quick turn around because when we got back Greg changed his water and bam he was good to go. Now he has lived out of water for a good 3 minutes and is still going strong. Craziness!

There was much more craziness in between all this, but I am just too darn tired to remember it all. Here is a funny video for you all, and yes Aubrey is calling her "Stinky Butt". Fun times!

Oh and P.S I am not proof reading this I am just too (yep you guessed it...) exhausted to, so excuse all my errors. 


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  1. Aaahh that sounds so stressful!! Let us know if there's anything we can do to help! Hopefully in a couple months you'll be moved into your dream home and everything will settle down at least a little bit!