Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"What is Greyson's Middle Name?"

This question didn't come from a friend, or acquaintance, or even a stranger. It came from my lovely husband. We were at a bbq before the rehearsal for his brother's wedding. It caught me off guard there for a second. I couldn't believe Greg, whom had chosen Greyson's middle name after months of thinking it over couldn't remember. Not only did he choose it but it is his father's name. This just goes to show how overly exhausted we both are. We headed to an appointment today with only Greyson in tow, and I commented on how easy it was with one child and if only we knew that when we only had Aubrey that maybe we would of appreciated it more. He said he doesn't remember how it was with just Aubrey, because the last three years to him are just a blur. Greg isn't known for his stellar memory, he can forget things second after they happen, I swear.

The last three years have been tiresome, but wonderful at the same time. I am glad that Greyson will be our last addition so maybe we can get out of this blurred state we are in sometime in the near future! (Fingers crossed.)

So I am sure that many of you are wondering how things are going with three now that some time has passed. Well things are pretty good. We have our ups and downs but I am really getting into the swing of having three little ones. It may take me an extra 20 mins to get anywhere, just between getting them all dressed and getting them all loaded and unloaded in the car. Greyson though is an awesome baby. He sleeps well, he is content when he is awake (which is surprising quite often), and he is cuddly as can be (which I CAN'T get enough of!). I am loving having a little boy, they are just so sweet and calm (so far, lol). So yep, things are still going really well! Don't worry I will continue to keep you updated because I am sure that even "Moore Craziness" will ensue soon enough! :)

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