Monday, December 31, 2012

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling...

Greyson rolled over on Saturday. I was hanging out with the kids in their new designated play area (Thanks to Greg who cleaned out the room Aubrey sleeps in to make room for all their Christmas gifts). Greg was cleaning up from breakfast and I had put Greyson in tummy time. I didn't think he was anywhere close to rolling from belly to back. He was way closer to rolling from back to belly, so I fully expected that to come first. But then BAM, he rolled over like it was nothing. I yelled for Greg to come see, but Greyson did it so quickly he missed it. I ran to get my phone and tried to get him to roll again so I could record him doing it, but of course he didn't roll again. But here is the video anyways, he is just so cute to look at even if he isn't rolling (don't bother watching the whole thing he isn't doing much, just hanging out in tummy time)! :D


And since I'm sharing videos here is one of him laughing! 

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